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Why Branding Is Important And How It Makes Your Business Stand Out

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As Forbes claims, customers need only 7 seconds to make a first impression. It means a competent brand allows you to reach your goal and gain more customers. So if you see that you start falling behind, then rebranding should be your next step.

What is branding? Branding is a consistent and systematic creation of a popular brand. It is a set of tools that help you build your trademark, reputation, and consumers’ trust in your product. Your brand should naturally make people purchase your product. 

What steps does branding include and how may Cadabra Studio help you? What benefits of branding can you get? Answers to these questions you will find in our comprehensive guide.

Essentials Branding Process Should Consist Of: How We Do It At Cadabra Studio

Branding is not so smooth and quick process, but if you follow specific requirements and take appropriate steps, success will be right around the corner. Cadabra Studio always adheres to established rules, we have enough experience to build a top-notch branding identity and we know how branding works.

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio


For a start, it is important to conduct research and explore the market. We pay rapt attention to user research — learn how important and effective it is for business. We need to know what your competitors are as well as all recent trends and preferences of the customers. 

It helps us choose the right strategy in building a fresh and engaging branding practice. You know what your target audience is, how to attract your customers and other useful tips.  

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio

Design Approach

The appearance of your brand is the first thing consumers see. So we need to provide customers with the right design they expect for. We analyze color schemes and other design particularities to create a design that will reflect the type of business and its services. 

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio


The brand definitely cannot exist without a name. And it is critical to come up with a catchy and best-fitting name that will be tightly associated with your brand. After detailed research, we provide you with a list of suitable names that are available at the moment. 

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio

Design Concepts

Branding process steps also require us to create a few design concepts that reflect your business idea, and you can choose the one you like more. Design concepts also allow us to better understand your customers and even think like customers. 

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio

Concept Finalization

At this stage, the branding design process comes to an end. Our goal is to finalize the chosen logo, create a logo book that includes logo usage rules, colors and their combinations, fonts, etc. Thus, you get everything listed above in different formats. 


Additional Brand Elements 

Apart from logo design, overall website design, you can enhance customer experience and let them recognize your brand more easily. Branding and visual identity go hand in hand. To achieve it, we may think through the design of your simple and creative business cards, t-shirt design, company’s letterhead paper, signboard, etc. Everything depends on your requirements and development strategies. 

That is how we may help you build the right branding strategy and boost your business. However, when the major part of the branding process is over, you need to keep in mind such critical things like brand promotion and brand performance monitoring

So, you need to use integrated marketing communication to create a tight connection between customer and brand. And monitoring of brand performance will help you evaluate the efficiency of your promotional actions and brand awareness. 

Reasons Why Competent Branding Lets Your Business Benefit 

So, what does branding mean in business? Branding is critical since it helps you solve certain business issues. You need to know more details about branding advantages and how you may improve customer experience drastically. 

  • Brand recognition. When the logo is elaborate and it is built by skilled designers, it becomes memorable to your customers. A logo is the face of your business, and if you don’t ignore this fact — you will achieve great results.

  • Business value growth. The importance of branding in business lies in its potential value growth. Customers become more loyal to your product, as well as your trustworthiness grows. It means a number of business partners will also grow.

  • Customer base growth. High-quality branding improves retention rate and reduces churn rate. Existing customers recommend your services because they have a positive impression of your company. Remember that word of mouth advertising is the most reliable and the cheapest one as well.

  • Improvement of employees’ performance. People feel more comfortable when they work for a strongly branded company. They know that it has a solid customer base that brings a profit, a brand is reputable, salaries and perspectives grow. Also, employees have more trust in the company when they use branded merchants like mugs, backpacks, shirts, etc. 

  • Stand out among competitors. You are not the one in the market who offers a specific scope of services, right? And awesome branding makes it possible to take your business to a new level. Branding makes your business different and special of its kind. And crowd-pleasing design plays an important role here, read our article about the value of design to beat your competitors.


If you still have some questions concerning rules on how to design a brand identity, you’d better drop us a line. Our managers will help you make the right decision. 

What Is A Brand Book And Why It Is A Must 

A brand book is an official document where all standards of your company’s visual style are indicated. That is why there are no two equal brand books. One company focuses on design aspects in brand books, while others create a detailed document that includes company overview and rules of communication with customers. 

When you think about how to make a brand book and whether you need it or not, you should consider that it is a book that includes everything about your logo design and brand identity. 

What If You Ignore A Brand Book Creation 

A brand book is a set of rules, in fact. And if you don’t have one, each designer will implement new tasks according to their vision. It is not bad when a designer brings fresh ideas, but in some cases, inconsistencies may lead to unfortunate results. 

If you use different design styles and methods of interaction with customers, you won’t be able to build a strong brand and ensure that customers will find your company as the best in its niche. 

Consistency plays a key role. For your information, 90% of users want to experience consistent branding across all platforms and channels, according to Venngage. Therefore, we offer a brand book creation at Cadabra Studio during the branding process. All information like brand description, brand vision, communication strategy guideline, etc. will be stored in your brand book. 

What to include in brand guidelines?  Take it easy, our specialists will do everything according to the general branding strategy. 

Wrapping Up

We are sure that this article will persuade you that branding is very important if you want to succeed and make your business grow exponentially. The more recognizable brand you have, the greater the chance your business will thrive. 

Our design team is always at your disposal, and you can get in touch with us anytime. In case you have some comments, questions, or hesitations — we are ready to help you! Also, check out how we work with our customers to provide you with an amazing experience!

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