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At Cadabra Studio, we rely on solid expertise in delivering custom Real Estate apps (web, iOS, and Android) for companies of all sizes.

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Our Real Estate App Developers' Expertise

As a leading real estate app development company, we offer dedicated real estate app features to users. Some of them are:

Assistance In Buying / Selling

We deliver an unmatched solution that meets clients’ needs. This includes virtual property tours and 3D rendering technology.

Emerging Features

Add amazing features that allow the user to get information regarding the property. It also allows them to take care of directions, inspection, accounting, or property price estimation. 

Real Estate Search and Listing

Our real estate app business has advanced search criteria that enable users to streamline their property searching and listing.

Tracking License and Status

To simplify the license renewal or property status process, we have integrated tracking features in our application solution. It lets users get useful insights through the app feature and track their required fields. 

Case Studies on Real Estate App Development Services

Through close inspection, you can’t only prevent business failure, but also become a market leader. Our real estate app development company can help you do just that.

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Why work with us?

Here is a close analysis of challenges and opportunities for the real estate industry in the app/ website market that we solve.

Latest Technology Integration

With the birth of AR and VR, we can now accentuate a consumer’s buying experience. 3D modeling, 3D tours, and detailed info on the property can help you enhance your consumer’s experience.

Digitization of Services

Digitalization allows you to enhance the customer buying experience and build customer trust. A real estate app development company provides the power of better decision-making to the customers.

Lead Generation

There are more property agents than buyers, which leads cause lead to centralization. With a real estate app development company, you will get more leads.

Global Expansion

Since the industry is present globally, there are way more opportunities you can reach with a real estate app development company. Allowing real estate Company to make their operations internationally.

How To Get Our Real Estate App Development Services

We follow a transparent and custom real estate app development process. Ensuring quality and precision of real estate app development.


Understanding Client Requirements

We provide multiple connecting channels to our clients for elaborating on their project-specific requirements to us.


Planning App Development

App developers and teams help you choose the suitable project model based on client needs and project specifics.


Complete Evaluation Of The Final Build

We choose advanced app development models and Technology stack to create the final product and evaluate the same before delivering.


On-time Delivery

Through the extensive and highly proficient app development measures, we submit the real estate application to our clients as per the project timeline.

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Our certified experts know how to cross the most prevalent real estate app development challenges.

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Anastasiia Dyachenko


understands the global task and will assemble the perfect team for your project.

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Oksana Yerokhina

Art Director

will make sure that the visual of your project directs the user in the right direction.

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Igor Dyachenko


together with a team of experienced developers, will apply the latest tech stack to your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Real Estate industry is known for complex processes explained by the high level of responsibility.

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