Cadabra Studio

When ideas meet perfect execution.

Starting your journey as a startup entrepreneur it is important for us that you feel safe in those issues you have not encountered before. We can and are ready to help you at every stage of your project.

Cadabra Studio team
Cadabra Studio team
Cadabra design team

The main thing you should know about us is that we have gone through this path dozens of times in industries such as healthcare, insurance, commerce, e-learning, tourism, real estate, and logistics, so we know about all the pitfalls that come across on the way.

Cadabra Studio is a family business that started out of a simple desire to create a comfortable space for the work of specialists in various fields.

It all started with four enthusiasts and a one-room apartment and has grown into a great team of over 50 professionals. Now, all together, we strive not only to do what we love, but to help our customers grow, expand by creating useful products.

Along the development journey, you will be guide by dedicated team who has in heart the interest to make your business successful and build long-term cooperation.

Cadabra Studio

Our Values

Being honest with clients is the best marketing strategy.

Supportive work environment

We are not an average web development team. We are a family of like-minded enthusiasts. We value open communication where every voice is heard.

Knowledge sharing

We never stop learning. We embrace curiosity and encourage every team member to take a step forward to grow personally and professionally.

We don’t judge by the CV

We dive deeper to discover rising talents. At Cadabra Studio, we value diversity and create equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their background and former experience.

Build partnerships

To prove our serious intentions, we offer free Project Booster Consultation Program. You get consultations on startup issues from experts and a clear development plan with deadlines and budgets.

We can help you make the perfect product

All you have to do is to share your idea

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Our Top Team

We will be pleased to help you define specific business goals and get valid analytical insights. Our experience and professional skills are always at your service!

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Anastasiia Dyachenko

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

understands the global task and gather the perfect team for your project.

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Oksana Yerokhina

Chief Creative Officer

will make sure that the visual of your project directs the user in the right direction.

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Igor Dyachenko

Chief Technology Officer

together with a team of experienced developers will apply the latest tech stack to your project.

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Katerina Filippova

Human Resource Director

will take care of any staff issues and help you to find the best specialists for your project.

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Stanislav Dyachenko

Chief Financial Officer

will manage all finance matters and provides any support to make billing process as smooth as possible.

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Head of Marketing

Anastasiia Malyhina

Chief Marketing Officer

ready to provide any marketing consultation to promote your product after lauching.

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Head of Sales

Yuliia Sirotkina

Head of Business Development

will be the one who processes all your worries and plan cooperation together to turn your ideas into reality.

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