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Partnering with Cadabra Studio, you will work with ecommerce developers savvy in high-performance ecommerce architectures and conversion-driven UI.

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Our Expertise in Ecommerce Website Design & Development

Proficiency in custom ecommerce website development allows us to work with all ecommerce business models and ecommerce development solutions.

Online marketplaces

Following your business vision, we give certain independence to sellers but keep all the workflows transparent and manageable.

Microservices-based ecommerce

Engage our solution architects to plan and implement logical components and their dependencies in a way to preserve component isolation in case of its failure.

B2B ecommerce

Target highly rational buyers and build user journeys in a way to facilitate and prompt their high-risk decision-making.

B2C ecommerce

We think one step ahead and analyze the business context to understand potential traffic and  fluctuations, possible doubts of consumers regarding your particular product type(s).

Web portals

When the portal goals are clearly defined, we help plan and implement the required functional components and set up workflows.

Online multistore

Expand ecommerce businesses to new geographies and market segments with well-organized multistore solutions. We take care of correct configuration and convenient management.

Our Ecommerce Web Development Case Studies

We help in situations when a current ecommerce solution hinders business development.

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Our Key Ecommerce Services

All the ecommerce website design services we provide run accordingly to necessary regulations.

Ecommerce audit

We detect code defects, security vulnerabilities, performance and UX issues.

Custom development

Shift from monolithic to decoupled architectures to achieve more functional flexibility.

Ecommerce migration

Move to a more flexible and scalable architecture and transfer business data.

ISO 27001 certified

The highest attention to security.

Engage us in custom ecommerce development

A full life cycle of ecommerce store development spans four steps.



All the preparatory work we do to understand the business context and the functional scope of an ecommerce app to build.



The front-end and back-end parts of an ecommerce app are created either as a monolithic structure or as separate layers integrated via APIs.


Testing and QA

An important step to ascertain the quality and relevance of the created ecommerce platform.


Launch and After-launch support

We set the project online and continuing cooperation to keep the website well-functioning and aligned with business plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of custom ecommerce web development depends on several factors like your idea, functionality, technology stack, and so on. Though our business analytics make sure to the most objective solution.

Both options have their pros and cons. While a site built with a website builder can often be launched quickly and at a low cost, it often provides little in terms of customization and scalability. On the other hand, custom ecommerce sites can provide the flexibility and scalability you may need.

  • Good product descriptions and showcase;
  • Shopping cart design;
  • Responsive design;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Optimize performance;
  • Support and contact information;
  • Payment options;
  • Ease of checkout.

Cadabras’ tailored development and consulting services are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you build your business for success. With over a decade of technical expertise in a wide range of web technologies, you can be confident in our ability to deliver premium solutions with affordability in mind.

We are ready to assist with any ecommerce web development!

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