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Take an advantage of our free contribution to your company at an early stage of cooperation. Is this your first startup and are you lost in planning, recruiting, and prioritizing? We’ve been there, done that, and invite you to participate in our free program Project Booster!

By giving your consent to participate in the program, you receive free consultations on startup issues from leading experts and a clear project development plan with deadlines and budgets.

Define your Business goals and needed Tools

Let’s check your available resources and make the list of the required technologies, tools, and specialists. Explore what kind of work has to be done before starting the project and how to manage all processes. Let’s discuss the pitfalls and the reasons why startups fail sometimes, but your won’t.

Duration: 60 min
Deliverables: PDF Project phases and services

Discover your Opportunities and technologies

Together we list the needed tech stack following your business goal, requirements, and expectations. Study your target audience, the algorithm for using the product, short-term and long-term goals, the complexity and its ability to expand, localization, budget, and support.


Duration: 60 min
Deliverables: PDF Your technology stack option(s), advantages and risks

Set-up Processes and Deadlines

Find out how much your project costs and how it will look at the end of each stage of development. Learn how to manage a team and spend up to 60 minutes a day on it, while fully understanding and controlling the development process. Trusting the team is also a science!

Duration: 60 min
Deliverables: PDF Your project estimation an development stages

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We helped many companies to achieve their goals.

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