What Every Business Must Know About Design In 2021

Dyachenko Anastasia
Dyachenko Anastasia
CEO at Cadabra Studio. UX expert and business consultant

Every business owner must utilize creative design thinking to keep up with the pace and understand how to develop their design accordingly. Let’s identify some fresh ideas worth to be implemented and bright insights worth to be noticed in the upcoming 2021. 

What is Design Thinking in Business?

For most business owners design thinking is an instrument, a complex of problem-solving measures a business can (and must!) use to reach the top, rise above the competition. You must develop your design thinking in business within your organization to be successful.

While experimenting with possible options, try to get all creative personnel into the process. Take it as a combination of creativity and critical thinking that transforms ideas and raw data into brave solutions and unexpected decisions. With each new endeavor, you learn from your mistakes and improve something. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with design thinking and business opportunities will come in a short time.

Start ideating together on one particular topic that requires a creative solution or needs some enhancements to satisfy customers better. Don’t get carried away in your design research attempts and limit the time for each topic. When people are too much focused on the same issue, it gets hard to find an adequate solution. It’s better to return to the difficult question later on, and you will find the correct answer that was overlooked.

Including design thinking into the business development strategy always has its benefits. We encourage everyone to try it and see how it goes. Why not add another tool to your marketing arsenal? This way of thinking can be applied to products, processes, or services that need some improvement.

UX design would be a reasonable example here because modern-day users won’t settle for anything less than the most convenient option available. It means you should adapt to meet their needs by following the trends. Also, you must solve human and business problems through design thinking. If you don’t, then you are doing something wrong.

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Flash App VPN Service by Cadabra Studio

The Importance of Design for Business

Modern customers are like pampered kids due to the client-centric model of the market. They need to be satisfied with a product or service from the start. Additionally, they must realize this satisfaction. Successful design for business is more than just drawing – it presents the product, makes it understandable to masses without raising any additional questions.

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Albatross Insurance App by Cadabra Studio

Keep in mind that the audience, in general, is sated with all kinds of ads. They no longer agree to buy a product judging by how it looks. The good old chain of the actions – one sees> one likes> one buys – stopped working long ago. That leads us to the question – what is the central idea of the business process? The design products that make people happy by meeting their needs (without overthinking). Remember, no useless product can survive long enough to be profitable.

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Jewellery Website Animation by Cadabra Studio

We can name multiple reasons why graphic design for business is important for any marketing strategy. To keep it short, we will name a few of them:

  • A memorable design wins the competition. A more appealing design has better chances to attract potential buyers.

  • A well-thought-out design delivers a message in an instant and leaves no questions to ask. So, there is minus one link in the chain of actions leading to the purchase.

  • Products and web-resources with optimized UI/UX design have become role models for others to follow. But still, they are honored as pioneers, which is a free indirect advertisement.

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Alfa-Bank Contest App for Banking by Cadabra Studio
  • Website design comes in various forms, but those are usually pre-made patterns. Designers can extend the limits, create enough differentiation even within one niche to make your business look more alluring in comparison with your competitors.

  • The design utilizes every opportunity for business, transforming it into another advantage. For example, the extraordinary packaging of the product makes it memorable. 

Web Design for Business

People always react emotionally to well-designed, extraordinary things. Everything bleak and simple stays out of their focus. Your website design is an important part of your online marketing presence.

To transform a standard website into an attractive web-resource, you must pay attention to visual hierarchy in the design. Visual hierarchy explains the arrangement of graphic elements in design (in order of importance). The importance of the element depends on its visual weight. Hierarchy tells viewers what to focus on and in what order.

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Bacco Wine Landing Page by Cadabra Studio

Visual hierarchy stands on the following pillars:

  • Reading patterns: people quickly scan every page to find whether it contains important information or not. The most popular patterns are F-pattern (used for blogs and text-heavy pages) and Z-pattern (used for pages with less structured information).

  • Sizing: people read bigger things first. To emphasize the most important idea, you type it large enough. But you have to remember that in this way you may distract readers from less important elements.

  • Spacing: today content needs plenty of intervals and space to be perceivable and airy. When you put something in the front without any other visual obstructions, you mean to say: “Read it, it’s important!”

  • Text type selection: defining attributes for any typeface are the width of the strokes in the letters and style.

  • Colors: bright colors are noticeable; they steal the viewer’s attention. Darker colors are less emotional, so their position on the hierarchy ladder is lower.

Service Design for Business

To understand better what service design is, you need to take all sophisticated terms out of its official definition. All you need to know is that service design is a complex of design activities aimed to deliver optimal service experience to the end-user.

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Vehicles History App for Mobile by Cadabra Studio

It has a lot to do with understanding the psychological (or behavioristic) aspect of customer-brand interactions. A service designer’s work is often based on analyzing the history of the clients’ actions. You understand what they are looking for – you get their continuous attention.

There are five main principles of service design for business:

  • It is customer-centered. Always. No exceptions. Thus, you have a better understanding of your audience.

  • It is co-creative. All members of the design team/department have to take an active part in the process.

  • It is sequenced. One complex process is often divided into multiple lesser operations.

  • It is perceptible. It must be a visual manifestation of service experience.

  • It is holistic. All possible service-user interactions are considered.

To make your service design work, you need to apply all available near-design tools as well. Do qualitative research because the standard analysis based on observations, feedback, and comments is not representative enough to do the trick.

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Coins App for Numismatists by Cadabra Studio

However, sometimes even raw statistics might give you a hint to envision new ways of interacting with a customer. But don’t get carried away with bright dreams and borderless experiments too soon. The central idea of business process design is in creating different pathways to lead the business and appeal to users.

Choose the Patterns to Follow Wisely

Business needs a design to be self-explanatory. Everything must revolve around the buyer, which is the center of the marketing universe. The market is overflooded with design patterns. Some of them are truly great and have been out there for a long time.

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Augury – coffee package by Reme3z

Some are less efficient but still live a prosperous life because they are based on the principles that have proved their effectiveness. Let’s take web design as an example. If you employ those principles of web design for business, your audience will never ask questions such as:

  • where am I?

  • what to start with?

  • what is the most important on this page?

  • is this an ad or just a part of the website?

  • etc.

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Social Media Statistics App Dashboard by Cadabra Studio

Now you might think that following those patterns is the easiest way to go. It is not that easy, though. When everyone does the same thing, there appears to be the lack of variety. Your business might be similar to hundreds of others, so why the customer should choose you? Don’t just copy any pattern you like, but adapt it for your business, improve it, make it look special, even if it remains the “same old song” inside.

The optimal solution would be to choose the 50/50 strategy and split your efforts evenly between replication and inventing. But always keep in mind what is the central idea of business process design, so you don’t do useless inventions that will repulse the customer.  

Design Thinking and Business – Pals for Live

In conclusion, let’s underline the importance of design thinking for business in 2021. It helps with developing a product that will naturally support itself through the diverse of pre-programmed measures.

The high-quality design is the foundation that allows a product to have decent retention and conversion rates, assures its growth on the market. Graphic design for business today is not a list of “to-dos” and “to-draws” – it is an instrument for business development that can create an optimal form for customers.

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Authors – Book Catalog Website by Rob Davis

Companies that have taken advantage of incorporating design into their business strategy are reaping the rewards now. Design encompasses so many fields – from attractive advertising to building aesthetic brand identity – that you cannot keep it on the outskirts of your business. Struggling with design? Conduct design research for a business problem or feel free to contact us on that matter!

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