Top 7 (UI/UX) Web Design Trends in 2021 with Examples

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And those businesses that have already been on the online market began their digital transformation to keep up with the times. We are telling you all this to highlight the important processes that are taking place in the business world right now so that you could realize how essential it is to create a competitive digital product that will not lose its relevance for the next decade. 


Trends make one of the most significant assets in creating a product that meets the latest technology and style requirements. Of course, blind use of trends just for the sake of using them is pointless and will only harm a digital product. That’s why it’s essential to hire professionals to develop and design your product to make sure that trends are used wisely and your application or website only benefits from them.


So, here are Cadabra Studio’s predictions on UI/UX trends in mobile and web design for the year 2021. (And there are also our designs as examples)

Personalized Content

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Personalized Content – Netflix

Dynamic content on websites is not a brand new concept, of course. We can already find it on many services, recall just the Netflix with its “97% match” labels to the movies and TV series, based on your previous preferences. However, we believe that this year, personalization will become a significant user experience trend. Why? Because users appreciate relevant content that is tailor-matched for them.


How can this UX trend be implemented on your website? Clearly, it depends on your niche. But some basic tricks will fit anyone, like tracking the user’s visits to your site and greeting them with “Welcome back” when it’s their second visit or more. Besides, smart content allows us to present users with fresh content only, show the goods and information relevant to them, leave out the unrelated content, adjust the location, and much more.

Dark Design

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Dark Design – Mercedes Benz

For many years, the dark-on-light color scheme was the king in web and mobile design. A few years ago, the situation started to change for mobile apps, where dark themes became available as an alternative. And the year 2021 is likely to bring us the dark design trend in the user interface for websites. 


There are some major brands like Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Hublot that already started using the black theme. Assuredly, this light-on-dark scheme will not suit every business, i.e., it would be odd to imagine a medicine app all in black. But many other niches, like eCommerce, vehicle brands, SaaS, real estate, etc., will only benefit from the dark UI because it looks elegant, sophisticated, and associated with something firm and reliable. 

Even More 3D Elements

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3D Elements logo

The transition from flat to 3D elements that started in 2019 goes on and still gains momentum. Three-dimensional typography, graphic design, and motion graphics are among the best things that keep users engaged. The only drawback of this trend is that it might slow down the website, so ensure that your server’s technical capabilities can afford the 3D graphics.

Asymmetrical Layouts

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Asymmetrical Duality Laura Turner

The rigid grid-based designs have been the standard for the past decade. So now, designers are drifting away from them to bring up some energy and movement into web design. How? With the help of asymmetrical layouts. This UI/UX trend may be used in design compositions as well as apps and websites to make them look more live and attention-grabbing. 

Graphic-less Design

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Less is more, more or less The Falcon King

This trend is all about engaging users with texts only. It appeared because the internet is now flooded with websites that are overloaded with graphics and information. 


Graphic-less design is a real challenge for any UI/UX specialist, but the work really pays out when done right. Besides, this trend can be implemented on different levels: some stop on making a text-only hero image, while others create the whole website using typography and UX writing only. Anyway, the graphic-less design is what definitely helps a website to stand out.

Voice UI & AI technology


Modern design trends are not necessarily about the visuals. Actually, the architecture and logic are the huge trends for 2021. We should admit, the latest technology put voice UI at the center of the stage and made the concept of “UI without UI” possible.

It is an opportunity to create a simple and convenient UI. The only issue this trend will face in 2021 is the ways to present the voice UI to the user and clarify how to interact with it.

If it comes to AI, a chatbot is a real trend of 2019. In 2021, it all goes further, and we can expect AI to rise in security and privacy policy fields, real-time customer interfaces, as well as in media and entertainment.


AR and VR technologies are quite new and unusual for users and still get a lot of fascination. At the moment, there are no strict guidelines or rules on how to implement these technologies to the product. It has just started as a trend and has a great perspective to stay in for many years. 


Recently AR & VR has been used mainly for entertainment. Still, there is a huge variety of options for using such an exciting technology for the needs of sales and marketing.


For instance, in 2019, VR has made its first steps in assisting shopping. In 2021, we expect it to continue improving shopping technology, as well as advertising, teaching, navigation.


In Cadabra, we believe that the real winning design in 2021 is the result of a skillful combination of classic design, trends, and common sense. Contact one of our managers to find out what solutions we can offer to upgrade your business and help you reach the new level.

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