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Purpose of Illustration in-Design: More Than Image

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Dyachenko Anastasia
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We are able to perceive information using our eyes even before we can talk or read. That is why a picture often conveys much more information than the most accurate verbal message.


Because for each of us an image is the best way to remember something, illustration has been used since the birth of mankind itself and it’s ubiquitous in today’s modern world. 


To be honest, your product design can be developed without any illustrations, they are not an obligatory element. But, when you think about the creation of a website, an application or any other product, you want it to grab the user’s attention and keep them focused.


Saturating your product with lots of words is not the best choice, cause who is going to read it? Some bright and meaningful elements are required. This is where illustration comes in. 


An illustration is a highly-effective functional instrument. It can be used in various ways to get the required feedback from the user. And there are the reasons to apply illustration into web design.


It is clear.

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio

An illustration is an excellent tool for onboarding and tutorials. As the onboarding material, it helps to clarify the concept and simplify it to the state of understandable visuals.


It leads the user to the next step and makes the onboarding process easy and clear, automatically encouraging interest in the app at the initial stage. As an illustration is easier and faster to understand than a lengthy explanation, it can transform a long and tedious tutorial into an exciting and joyful experience. 


It is engaging.

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio

Illustrations engage and entertain the user. Added to different parts of the website or an app, it grabs the visitor’s attention and makes them stay, remember your business and even share the link with friends.


Similar to real life, in digital, our first impression is mainly based on visual perception. A good visual impression allows you to build a strong relationship with the customer by appealing to their imagination. 


An illustration is something to generate curiosity, that takes the user beyond the website homepage. Also, illustration can be used as the main element of reward screens, statistics, and infographics, to empathize emotions and make information perception easier. 


It is unique.

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio

Apart from being entertaining, bright and attention-grabbing, illustration is a highly customized feature. Compared to stock photo images that are always the same, an illustration is created personally for your brand.


Your personal illustration type enables you to combine your business message, your service, and brand features with the image that renders your brand. The creation of a mascot or a character as part of your brand identity and a guide for the user through the website or app is a classic example of engaging the user via a unique illustration.


It is stylish.

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Concept Design by Cadabra Studio

Along with the loads of practical benefits you get by implementing illustration into the design, there is one more simple but often forgotten a detail. Illustration is a kind of art. It is beautiful and stylish.


Apart from telling your brand story and fulfilling its practical task, an illustration created in tune with the latest tendencies scores more points in a customer’s eye, because everyone wants a product that is modern, original, state-of-the-art.


Among the range of latest web illustration trends in moods and technics, here are some the most noticeable: playful colors, sketching, photomanipulation, absurdity and surrealism, anxiety and alienation. Each of them is a possible instrument to contribute to your identity.


Illustration is a multifunctional, multi-faceted design instrument. In the hands of a creative, caring professional it can result in producing some extremely impressive effects. You have plenty of options to choose from and plenty of benefits to enjoy, so why would you reject it? 

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