Mature Business Opportunities: Digital Renovation

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That is why staying tuned to the latest design tendencies and possible digital options are especially important. That way, you stay popular with your customers and provide them with the highest value product.

We have some useful tips for businesses eager for innovations.

Renovation. Not transformation.

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One point worth mentioning is the need to renovate what you already have, not to build a brand new website. The reason for this is obvious – as a mature business has already acquired an audience, the task of any renovation is to preserve and enlarge it.

Similar to restoring a building, the aim is to improve your online presence by adding something new, functional and improving the whole image, without demolishing the building.

Our experienced team of designers and developers will manage the restoration and redecoration, maintaining what you already have.

It is not a race.

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No matter how much you are tempted to implement all the latest innovations, renovation is all about analyzing the data and picking what you really need. Implementing everything – be it automation, advanced analytics or machine learning software – without proper target setting will more than likely become overwhelming.

You have to pick the technology that gives you growth opportunities – become an integral part of your product, will best suit you and be gladly adopted by the users. If you have a set of them to choose from, pick the one that best meets your requirements.

An experienced specialist can help you decide which option is the most effective in your case.

To-do list. 

Website renovation

Our experience allows shows us that the most successful website renovation is a combination of user interest and good SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation).

A website that satisfies both of these needs is a website that is convenient, interactive and follows the latest trends in both design and SEO. Some of the strategic options for your mature business that can be used are:

  • motion graphics (can be used for either video on your website or navigation, making it more entertaining for the user);
  • the addition and modernization of some elements, such as using internal linking to avoid dead ends, shorten or eliminate carousels;
  • social proof addition, spreading testimonials around the website, instead of creating a special page for them;
  • making it responsive to different types of devices (in theory, this is a must-have for any website, but in reality, not all websites can boast this feature).

Product development

If you are satisfied with what your website gives to you, there is another popular option to improve your online presence.

We can create a bespoke or individualized product.

It could be a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or SaaS (Software As A Service), a special type of application tailor-made to suit your needs.

The Creation of an app allows you to engage with your mobile audience, get their attention and provide them with better user experience than that provided by the website. There are plenty of benefits to be had by developing an app-based product:

  • Improves the process of interaction with the customer (sending notifications, quicker feedback);
  • Gives the customer some special value (options useful in their daily life);
  • Expands your brand presence and develops new streams of conversion;

The software can be potentially put on commercial rails, distributed to some other companies who need it and customized for different needs.

No matter which option you choose, it must be professionally implemented, so that your customer enjoys the greatest state-of-the-art solutions, while you get the highest conversion rates with the highest possible profits.

Our team provides extensive experience and expertise, in-depth research, and is dedicated to working on the design and development of digital solutions that will boost your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of medical app development depends on several factors like your needs, set of features, technology stack, and so on. Though our business analytics make sure to not spend an unnecessary penny.

To make a mobile app screen, you need to create a user flow diagram for each screen, draw wireframes, select design templates, and colors, create layouts, and create an animated prototype.

We usually take our clients through the following steps:

  1. Planning and Research; 
  2. Prototyping;
  3. Design;
  4. Development;
  5. Testing;
  6. Release;
  7. Maintenance.

You will participate in every stage of the development process and get regular updates.

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