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In harsh times, some companies find new prospects and are strengthened by unpredictable external factors. Others need mobility and flexibility, both in management and in business strategies. 

Startups are looking for efficient and practical ways on how to launch their products. Small businesses want to strengthen positions and properly scale sales. Medium businesses are required to save their positions in the market. 

Warning Signals of Problems in Business

It doesn’t matter which type of business you’re running, there are some warning signals for you to start reacting rapidly and changing something.

  • You’re experiencing a drop in business activity.


  • Your sales are decreasing.


  • Your opponents are introducing new technologies which help them attract more customers.


  • Your company looks similar to 98% of your competitors.


  • New progressive companies with good investments are popping out on the market.


  • The years are passing by, but nothing changes and your income remains the same like a few years ago.

Most businesses experience such problems. However, there are always effective digital solutions that can help your business get prepared and become sustainable. Before you start looking for them, try to identify why you’re losing your place on the market.

Why Can Not Everyone Become a Successful Business Owner? 

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Concept Design by Cadabra

Many entrepreneurs have troubles in business but don’t know their roots. Something is wrong, but what exactly? Several factors may worsen the functioning of the business.

The main thing is to identify them correctly. Just have a look at the following factors:

  • You don’t concern much about the future.


  • Your business priorities are misplaced.


  • You don’t keep track of innovations in your sphere.


  • Your clients don’t get the required support.


  • You don’t understand your target audience.


  • You’re ready to give in because of disappointments.


  • You can’t identify the problems at a glance.

The listed issues impede your growth and success as a business owner. Often companies need independent advice on how to get out of the trap they got in.

You can look for business troubleshooters who just consult businesses but don’t take part in problem-solving directly. Or, which is more efficient, ask for advice from a company that has experience in development, design, and marketing. 

The companies that are experts in digital products, like Cadabra Studio, provide comprehensive consulting and custom solutions you can implement straightforwardly together. We help to get rid of the superfluous cares connected with your digital product development and design. 

For example, if your website has many visitors, but they don’t become your clients or you want to increase the conversion rate, analyze your website carefully. The experts of design and web development companies can help to get a deep understanding of the problems and take effective measures immediately. 

Who Are We? What Do We Do? 

Cadabra Studio offers a systematic approach to help business owners find the core of their problems when something goes wrong. We are those who develop products that stand out from the crowd. Our aim is to audit your business, and study your competitors carefully.

As a result, our clients get a great product and a solution to certain problems and how to scale their business.

Our team effectively finds a key to any kind of business. We don’t work for the customers, we work with them. For the clients we want to be like a Single Window, where they can get sufficient information from one source.  

Where Do We Troubleshoot in the Project Development Process (PDP)?

Working on the project, at the early stages, we troubleshoot common problems that arise during design and development stages. Moreover, we have a wide range of analytical techniques to determine the causes of specific failures of the existing products.

Let’s have a look at the way of troubleshooting in the project development process step by step. 

Phase 1. Initiation  

On this stage our team questionnaires clients to learn more about preferences, project goals and deadlines. Here we pay special attention to questioning assumptions and asking the right questions. It is our way to troubleshoot the problems in the early stages that may be caused by asking wrong questions.

Frankly speaking, we consider questioning to be the most important but under-appreciated aspect of product development. Then the team makes an in-depth market research. 

Phase 2. Estimation

Having collected and analyzed the obtained data, the team of designers or developers in cooperation with a project manager make a project estimation. We compile a spreadsheet that contains detailed information about project team members, cost and time for design and development.

As a result, clients get a full estimation with the cover letter that describes the price logic and description of the project stages.

If clients have an existing digital product (website or mobile application), as experts we can give recommendations on improving it. 

Phase 3. Signing a contract 

When clients approve the estimation, accept recommendations and adjustments, it comes to singing a contract. The contract defines the terms of cooperation, timings of the project and the responsibilities of both parties.

Phase 4. Project planning

For effective project planning, our managers prefer to use the Work Breakdown Structure, which helps to prioritize tasks and subtasks. During the phase 4, the project manager chooses the methodology and frameworks and coordinates the schedule of communication with the client.

To prevent possible problems, the project manager compiles a Risk Plan.

Phase 5. Testing and implementation

Our team starts the project development process. Here we mean UX design, wireframing, UI design, gathering the assets and prototyping. As we want to make sure our team covers all the necessary aspects of the product, we continue to carry out deep research to get the detailed information about the core functionality of the project.

During the phase 5, designers and developers test the product for usability, compatibility, security, interface checks, stress, and performance. According to the Communication Plan, there are daily meetings with the team and weekly meetings with clients. 

Phase 6. Closing

When the product is ready to be submitted, we present the final version to the clients to get approvals and feedback. Together with the clients we choose the date of product launch, close the tasks. 

Our team provides 1 month of guaranteed maintenance of the product. What is more, we continue communicating with the clients to assure them that they have the resources to maintain and update the product after the first release. 

Every product development process and its release is very exciting. Every time we get useful lessons learned. Problem definition is a 50% success in preventing future failures. The right approach and analytics help to identify the core of the problem and find profitable methods to scale your business. 

What Do We Offer to Our Clients?

We provide our clients with competitive product concepts and help to find a custom-tailored approach how to implement them. As a design and development studio, we care about the digital side of your business. Therefore, we offer the following services and digital solutions:

  1. A complete website that generates leads and attracts your target audience.


  2. Reaching potential customers via social media profiles branding.


  3. Upgraded interfaces of online services that become more convenient to use.


  4. Proper communication with your target audience due to brand upgrade and positioning.


  5. Support and guaranteed functioning of your online services.

We are very sensitive about each project. Despite the upscale development and design, we help our clients to find the key underlying principle of the problem and come up with astonishing, elegant solutions that work. Here are some of the examples you can appreciate.

A freshly-launched project designed by Cadabra Studio — a website for an Arabic company Tarjama that has more than a decade of experience in providing customer-oriented, high-tech translation and content creation services. 

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Concept Design by Cadabra

This healthcare application was created for the ones who value getting enough sleep, taking care of their health, and managing things like medications and doctor’s appointments. Users will be able to stay on track and motivated to stick to a fitness routine and diet program.

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Banking App Design by Cadabra

Another product that has recently become pretty successful is a budget planner app. It offers an array of features that help users to track and manage money from a giant list of banks and other financial institutions. The app helps to automatically categorize transactions from linked credit and debit cards and track them against a budget. Lovely illustrations provide a pleasant and entertaining experience. For demanding users there is a dark mode to interact with the app more conveniently.

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Design by Cadabra Studio

You can also check out more works that we have in our portfolios on Dribbble and Behance. 

Take challenges as an advantage for your ambitious goal. The path to a world-class company is based on the rigorous creative strategy that has clear and measurable objectives.

Get in touch with us today and get your free online consultation. We’re always eager to help with handling any problems of any complicacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of medical app development depends on several factors like your needs, set of features, technology stack, and so on. Though our business analytics make sure to not spend an unnecessary penny.

To make a mobile app screen, you need to create a user flow diagram for each screen, draw wireframes, select design templates, and colors, create layouts, and create an animated prototype.

We usually take our clients through the following steps:

  1. Planning and Research; 
  2. Prototyping;
  3. Design;
  4. Development;
  5. Testing;
  6. Release;
  7. Maintenance.

You will participate in every stage of the development process and get regular updates.

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