Speed-dating with developers: Why to work on bonding?

7 min to read Probably everyone remembers that lovely dating period. It is time when you take a closer look at potential partners. What selection criteria do you have? What do you pay attention to? If you use a dating app, are you more interested in the completed profile of the candidate, or are you ready to take a […]

Inside Cadabra Studio: Project From Start To Release Through PM’s Eyes

8 min to read The success of the project depends on many factors: a well-chosen team, the correct distribution of tasks, quality feedback from both the customer and the developer, the attitude of specialists, the availability of all the necessary resources and information for working on the project, and even timely payment. It would seem that there are so […]

Will AI replace your workers?

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8 min to read Artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining momentum. Business owners are thinking about how to make more money by integrating artificial intelligence into business processes. But employees worry about keeping their jobs. Therefore, the question of the ability of artificial intelligence to replace a person is relevant for our time. Let’s see what the numbers say. The […]