How Redesign of a Website Can Impact Your Brand or Business

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Why renovate?

Even when time passes and what we have becomes outdated and unfashionable, unwillingness to change something still remains, and you keep chandeliers, armchairs, and stupid garden furniture.


Working on your business, once you got everything organized, you think about possible changes as a nightmare. It is especially true for some time-taking processes, such as developing strategies or implementing some organizational specifics.


Sure, it is also true for developing the website process. It usually takes so much time and effort, financial and human resources that starting it all over again is just impossible. As a result, even when the website doesn’t work properly we still try to get by with it. 


Let’s face the truth, this strategy can’t be the long-lasting solution for your business. Sooner or later you have to redecorate your house before it turned into the pile of weird granny stuff, and you have to redesign your website before it turned into storage of outdated information and faulty functions that nobody cares for.


There are a few reasons to apply for the website redesign. And they are not only in the field of interface attractiveness. It is also profitable in terms of marketing and sales. And we can explain why. 

Improve usability for both users and the marketing team.

First and foremost it is important to keep users feel welcomed. It is not only about the pleasant interface – it is more about an intuitive perception of the website and feel comforted.


Thus, the first reason for the website redesign is the improvement of site structure and user journey – the chance to get better User Experience for the website visitor.


In practice, you can add some new sections to the website to supply customers with more information about the product, company, and partners. The designer often has to update the website structure, work on elements sequence to make sure that new sections fit general structure, to make the user journey more comfortable and smooth. It is good to add some new features that will make the website interactive.


There can be also the opposite situation – the present website is too complicated and gets the user confused by some unnecessary elements. Moreover, maybe you need to shorten the website load time, add contact forms of some other missing element to improve user satisfaction.


Except for users’ comfort, UX worth rethinking when it comes to the marketing team functioning. A website must be updated in time with information about company functioning, sales, new products and so on.


To guarantee the timeliness of this process and simplify it for the marketing team (so that they don’t have to apply for developers’ help every time they need to implement some minor changes) website backend must be improved, so that website would be not only useful for the user but also easily manageable.

Boost SEO and performance.

Striving to make the website structure detailed and provide a visitor with as much information as possible company owners often underestimate or even totally forget about the navigation convenience and actual effectiveness of a website as a presentation tool.


A structure must be not too tedious or tricky so that user could easily move through the website. Try to check up, which of the pages are especially popular among the users and helpful for them and use them as the basis for your new website structure. 


Also, if it wasn’t done yet, you have to think about your website SEO. As the presentation of your business and the place where you sell your products or services, it is important for a website to be easily found on Google. Why not engage a SEO specialist to help your website be visible on Google? They can check on the quality of the texts on the websites, conduct links audit and do a lot of other useful stuff to improve the website.


Since the website is an important player in your marketing and sales team, you have to take care of buyer comfort. Thinking of the website structure, don’t forget to improve the buyer journey. You have to clarify who your personas are, how they use the website and what helps them to buy what you offer. It may improve lead generation on your website. 


The other way to improve leads’ quality and quantity is the expansion of content, for example, add some case studies or tutorials.


You can be sure, just a few months of your renovated website functioning and you definitely will see the result. Knowing your customer better and making the interaction process more pleasant and easy for them really improves your website conversion rates that result in growing profits. 

Communicate brand values.

A website redesign is often the part of a rebranding. By redesigning the website we make it align with modern trends, it transmits the idea of the business modernity and opportunity to get the best service or the latest technologies, etc.


Website makes an important part of brand identity, it helps you to tell the user what is the brand about, what story is hidden here and why they should apply to it. Clearly designed functional website makes your message transmission louder.

How to redesign a website?

Now when we defined what is the use of the website redesign, and you are sure that you really need it to boost your business success, let’s have a quick look at the redesign process.


So, what is done during the redesign?

  • Research and analysis. Everything starts with analysis – search for your competitors and analyze their websites. Sure, you don’t have to copy anyone, but you can find some nice features to implement to your own product.

  • Analyze the old website. Define, what is good and bad about the old website, what works and what doesn’t work. There are a lot of instruments (Google Analytics – classics for any kind of website effectiveness analysis, various heat maps and scroll maps, etc.)

  • Identify priorities. What do you want to improve? What features can possibly help you do it? How will you measure the redesign effectiveness? The main key to all the answers is understanding what you want.

  • Set goals. After you understand what are your priorities, set clear and reachable goals. When the goals are set, make a redesign plan.

Let’s get down to design itself.

The process is similar to a new website design building – you have to work on UX, UI, test it and improve.


You can find out more about design stages in other articles on our blog:


The most important thing is to remember you have to make it better than it was, for instance:

  • think of visual features

  • add useful elements

  • improve SEO

  • consider creating blog

  • make your website responsive

Always remember – everything you do is done for the user. Until users feel comforted and pleased, your business is flourishing – it is the main principle of a website redesign.

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