SEO Tips: Effective Way to Boost Your Sales

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you google it, you will find out that SEO is the process of getting traffic from the results on search engines and, in addition, loads of ways to use SEO for the business.


That’s true, SEO optimization is actually not just about manipulations with search engines, it has become a part of marketing art, and we are glad to share the best practices on the SEO opportunities for business.

SEO is a long-term investment in the success of your project.

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SEO help is not a quick-fix. It won’t bring you money immediately. It is a channel that provides profit from the product in a long-term perspective.


Advertising works quickly and effectively but requires constant investments. SEO, in turn, gives slow, but systematic results with one-off investments. In fact, SEO optimization is one of the most productive marketing channels for any type of business, especially for e-commerce products.

Useful tip:

Invest in SEO in the early stages of product development. By making a solid basis for promotion, you save money – after the launch, each change requires time and money twice more. Invest not only in the channels which give the immediate results – consider your marketing strategy. 

SEO may help to forecast the product profitability

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Even if you strongly believe you came up with an amazing idea it is worth to make sure there is no place for a mistake – nobody wants to spend resources on the product that has no demand. SEO analysis can help you with the research of the demand and market size. 

Useful tip:

Study the demand and how busy the business area is. SEO analysis of the niche and key requests related to your product will help you with researching demand. If you find that there is no demand at the moment, this triples the risks, you will need to create it yourself – it requires more financial investments in marketing and finding your audience. Avoiding those risks is why you do need SEO.

Take the best from your competitors

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It is a common thing for a design and development team to get some references with the links and screenshots of existing products from the client with the comment, “I want it to be like that, it’s so beautiful”.


In this case, everyone is inspired and copy only the wrapper without considering what is inside, but copying the wrapper does not guarantee even 10% of success.


Spy on competitors or just find inspiration in the projects that you like, analyze them not only from a visual point of view but also using SEO services for business and pay attention to the most productive pages and top requests of the project.

Useful tip:

Find the most successful product of your competitors and keep watch over it, try to do better. SEO helps a business to deeply understand the structure of the site and not waste time on designing and developing something unnecessary, or vice versa, it may show you the missing sections in the structure of a competitor’s site and thereby surpass competitors.


The collection of competitors’ key queries also gives an understanding of what content to write and on which pages, this greatly facilitates the task for the content writer.

Mobile first

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Do you plan to save some money on the mobile version of the website? Bad idea. Nowadays, the amount of traffic from mobile devices exceeds the traffic from the desktop.


A version of a website adapted to use on mobile devices affects not only user convenience and conversion on the site – it is one of the most important factors for SEO optimization (promotion for organic rankings).

Useful tip:

Check out the performance and usability of your site on a cellphone. The functionality of the mobile version should not be unlike the desktop version, however, this should not affect the usability. From the SEO services point of view, the main version of the site today is the mobile version.

Speed is crucial

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Delete and improve everything that prevents the fast download of your site. Any website should load instantly, the first drawing of content should occur almost immediately, users should not see a white screen for more than a second.


In general, work on the indicator of site loading speed, especially on mobile – this is one of the most important factors SEO specialists consider improving a site’s position, in other words: no one will wait for you and go to your competitors. 

Useful tip:

Do you want to be the first not only in loading speed but also in search engine positions? Use Google AMP technology. It is especially suitable for media or e-commerce.

Communicate with the potential customer

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There should be a blog on any website, because it is the source of a great deal of traffic, by blogging you help your future customers quickly get to the stage of deciding on the cooperation with you.


How does it work? You write content, articles, think over their composition and what questions users need answers to. Here you need SEO for business to analyze the search queries of users related to the topic of your future article, collect them and write the article answering each of the questions. 

Useful tip:

Write about yourself, your service or product, problems it solves – it will definitely help you acquire some attention and bring in new customers.


The last, but not the least tip – do not wait for it. The sooner you pay attention to marketing and, in particular, to SEO to boost your business while creating a website for your product/startup, the greater the chances of success for your project are and the less time you will need to achieve it. We hope our SEO tips will help you make the best of it.

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