Case Study: Redesign of Blue Tree Marketing Agency Website 

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Blue Tree Project Overview

Blue Tree contacted us to redesign their digital marketing agency website,  with the request to reshape the old design, which wasn’t attractive, user-friendly, and didn’t generate new leads. Being an expert in marketing and SEO, Blue Tree knows the value of quality design. 


The clients wanted to make the website stylish, minimalistic, and functional but consider existing principles and concepts. They asked to keep the logo unchanged, create hand-drawn illustrations and use serif fonts. So our task was to combine a new design with the existing brand style.

Existing problems 

During the marketing agency website redesign, Cadabra Studio’s team didn’t face any specific problems but some challenges. As we mentioned in previous passages, our task was to combine exciting concepts with a new design. 


In cooperation with the illustrator, the designer was exact in choosing the style and finding balance. They offered different options to enhance the perception and understanding of the end-user. 

Audience Definition

Since the company offers B2B services, their audience is over 40 — business owners and top-managers interested in business promotion. To attract their attention, the website design had to be familiar to users in terms of UX, but remain stylish. 


We wanted to present Blue Tree as a reliable team that will help develop and promote any business. As a result, with the help of website redesign, we highlighted the balance of mature experience and youth spirit.

Role and Scope 

As it was a digital marketing agency website redesign, 3 specialists from Cadabra Studio worked on the project: a PM (project manager), UI/UX designer, and illustrator. The project lasted 3,5 months. We closely cooperated with clients during that time and suggested many design solutions that meet the clients’ needs. We wanted to convey the following message through a design: “Blue Tree grows digital brands.”  

Design Process

The design process consisted of 6 steps: 

  • Defining visual concepts;

  • Architecture;

  • Wireframes;

  • Site pages;

  • Illustrations;

  • Guidelines.


Our designers paid a lot of attention to creating visual concepts, adhering to the company’s brand and logo style. We built a scheme of associations to the “Blue Tree” name — the foliage leads naturalness, the tree — to roots; the blue color is associated with water, air, and calmness.


The tree on a hero page is the company’s personification, where each member is in the right place. The site uses leaflets as a pattern, and menu items have the same style.

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Having defined visual concepts, we moved to the next step of website redesign — mind mapping. It helped us visualize the website’s informational structure, prioritize the hierarchy of elements, and get a full website functionality.



By starting this step, we had already known the style, patterns, and structure. Therefore, our team got a basis for wireframes. These are white-and-black sketches of a future redesign look. Designers created them to provide the client with a clear understanding of how the redesigned website will operate. 


Site Pages

In this stage, we proceeded to the building of clickable prototypes with further testing and UI implementation. One of the challenging tasks here was building a visual layout and responsive design that will be adapted to desktop, smartphones, and tablets. And we didn’t forget about adhering to the design conception and making the design look identical on different devices.  



Clients wanted to distinguish their company from the competitors. Illustrations were created to gain this goal. The original idea was to draw a tree that depicts the connections between services. As Blue Tree has two leaves on the logo, we suggested making a website design in watercolor style with hand-drawn ink illustrations. It may seem that this technique isn’t trendy for website design. However, it was perfectly suited to Blue Tree company’s logo and brand. 


It took the illustrator 8 days to come up with several samples of illustrations. We suggested clients 4 variants — they chose the third.


Before the redesign, there was a retro robot on the main page. We suggested going over a digital style and creating something light and pure. Every business that needs promotion is akin to seed. Blue Tree uses SEO, content marketing, and digital PR services to water this seed to help it grow. As a result, the seed grows into a tree with solid roots. 


We illustrated this process by drawing tender leaves, trees in buckets, etc. All the illustrations and icons look natural. 


Illustrations have metaphorical sense, so every website visitor intuitively understands them.


Typography adds tone to the presented information. Therefore, it was crucial to pick a font pair that will match with the mood and emotion of the website. We tried numerous fonts and chose Libre Baskerville for the headings and Muli for the body text.



Finally, we created a UI kit required for further programming. This kit wasn’t for clients but for the developers to understand each element and component’s location. It helps the development team reduce the time necessary for figuring out the following steps. We create a detailed logistics plan for every project. 


No matter what level of complexity the project is, our company successfully works with any type of project. Contact us — we’re always eager to assist.






Results and Data

Blue Tree marketing agency has been on the market for more than 5 years. They helped many businesses grow and continue doing it. With the help of website redesign, the company wanted to improve its identity integration or, in other words, to align with its users.


The Blue Tree website redesign is aimed at:

  • expanding the company to the new markets;

  • conveying the brand’s voice and philosophy;

  • distinguishing Blue Tree as a trustworthy content marketing agency.


Website redesign requires time, strategy, and investments. But there is one important point to consider: when you bring valuable changes into an identity and visual cue, it will make your company’s brand closer to people. As a result, they will have a positive user experience and purchase your products better.

Thus, the redesigned website has been launched recently, the Blue Tree company starts to reap the benefits.


Users’ judgments on website reliability are 70% based on design, general aesthetics, and usefulness. People like simple and helpful websites that meet their needs. Blue Tree company didn’t miss the moment and chose a perfect time to make a redesign. They avoided pitfalls and made their website valuable for users.

The experience of redesigning the Blue Tree corporate website shows how many aspects and details we had to consider to make a user-friendly website redesign. Cadabra Studio is happy that the client chose and trusted us to improve the company’s website.

Read more case studies on our blog to learn about Cadabra Studio’s expertise.

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