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Investor Pitch Deck Tips: What Should Be Included

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At the stage of attracting investments, the idea is the main value you possess. Be careful, take the presentation seriously, as there may not be a second chance. 

The following tips will help you to convey the main message to investors.



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How to create a pitch deck for investors

First of all, before designing the pitch-deck presentation, you have to work out the contents. You might be really admired by the idea and willing to tell every last detail of it. Unfortunately, the audience not necessarily needs all the information you can provide. Actually, some things can be harmful for a presentation aimed at the search for investors.


There is no perfect recipe for pitch-deck presentation, but there is the thing to remember while creating it - pitch-deck presentation is a teaser, appetizer that is needed to make the audience go for the main course. You have to pick the most interesting information and tell it to the investor to be the way they will remember it and want to be part of it.

Simplicity as a key to writing a great pitch deck

Is your product difficult-to-develop? Fine, now try to explain the principle of its work as simple as possible. No one likes feeling like a fool, and this is how people feel when they do not understand what is on the agenda during the presentation of the product.

What should be in a pitch deck:

On the stage of planning your pitch-deck, consider the following contents issues:

  • Audience

    Think of who you are going to show the presentation. What is the area of interest for these people? Are they interested in the technical side of the project? How much time will you get to impress them? The same as in the process of developing software, you have to consider who is the target audience.


  • Data

    Always remember that your project is not only inspiration, for investors it is business. Therefore, it is reasonable to explain the value of the idea through the numbers and charts. Think of the real benefit the investor will get and how you can prove it.


  • Agenda

    Focus your message and get straight to the point. Life pace is really fast nowadays, so save the time of the audience. Moreover, you may not be given a chance to talk as long as you wish. Stick to timelines, make the presentation short, simple, and honest.


  • Feelings

    Let your presentation have an emotional punch. Make the potential sponsor feel that the project is urgent and important, and aspire them with your ideas. When it comes to leaving an emotional imprint, it is time to think not only about what you are going to tell, but also how you will do it. 

What else to include in a pitch deck? Useful tips 

Pitch-deck presentation must be qualitative and attractive to impress the investor. It must be clear and structured. There are numerous hints on how to prepare the pitch-deck to get the investments, and we will share the most important of them:

1. Emphasis and structure

It is very difficult to read a long text, even if the content is worth it. The reader skims the text looking for important points; Finding bulleted points, pictures, infographics, motion elements makes them read attentively and thoughtfully.

Useful tip:

  • Headings

    Make sure that the logical blocks have titles or that the first short paragraph conveys the essence of the text below, this will help you find the information of interest quickly.

  • Rhythmic pattern

    Do not let the audience fall asleep; make sure that the structure of the presentation is repetitive, but not monotonous - diversify the layouts. The same placement of text and pictures is tiring, as it is clear at once what we are going to see on the rest of the slides.

  • The rule of internal and external

    Logical groups of objects are identified only by the shifts between them. The mess is common among captions for pictures and headings. 

    Try to tell, where the title belongs to?

  • Color palette

    Remember how colors influence people’s perception. Choose 3-4 colors that match well and fit your project and make sure the palette is consistent through the presentation. 

2. The visual concept of a real product

People are inclined to pay for something real and tangible. For better visualization of the idea, it is necessary to design the key screens of the product. Thus, explaining the principle of the application will be many times easier and clearer.

Useful tip: If you develop a concept of 3-4 logically connected screens, you can create an animation that simulates the work of a real application, here is an example. If our consciousness perceives the product as alive, even realizing that this is only a concept, the desire to buy/invest will be much stronger. 

3. Promo video

In order to make a good impression of the product to your potential investors, at the beginning of your speech you can show a small promotional video to tell the story of the product or explain how the application solves users’ pain.

Useful tip: Promo should not be longer than 30-40 seconds, as a potential investor can lose the thread.


In conclusion, we would like to say - the most important is understanding that pitch-deck is an early sign of quality. You make the visual trip to the heart of your idea, explain how things work and make the family of your supporters bigger. There are money and your idea success on the line, so it is worth efforts to get a great benefit.

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