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How To Create A Lawn Mowing App And Deliver High-Quality On-Demand Services

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How often do you use on-demand apps like Uber? We bet you do it quite a lot. On-demand services gained massive popularity due to its simplicity and convenience. That is why lawn care apps like Uber become a new trend. 

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As Harvard Business Review states, about 22.4 million users annually start using on-demand services, and they spend over USD 57.6 billion on these services. It means the on-demand economy grows and prospers. New apps are created, new niches are revealed. 


In the region like North America, lawn mowing apps are occupying the market, and they become a good startup idea if you want to create something new. We will show you how to start a lawn mowing business and what your app should contain. 

What Is An On-Demand Lawn Mowing App?

We think the purpose of lawn mowing apps is quite clear. Many people have their lawns in front of their dwellings or in the backyard. And they need to take care of them, mow in summer and do snow shoveling in winter. However, it takes a lot of time, owners can be very busy, and the neglected lawns will look poor and make the area look abandoned.


That is where on-demand lawn mowing apps come to rescue. Lawn owners download it, find a lawnmower who can come and tidy up the lawn. No wonder that lawn care apps are also called “Uber for lawn care.” Lawn care apps can also provide additional services, but it depends on the app. 


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Why Does It Become Trendy?

As noted above, yard work is not the favorite thing people strive to do after a tiring week. Previously, it was much more challenging to find a lawnmower. Newspapers ads — that is everything lawn owners could rely on. But times are changing, and digital technologies run the show. And on-demand mowing app development was just a matter of time.


Where there’s demand, there’s supply, you know. Today people are ready to pay for making their lawns clean and good-looking. Other people are willing to mow lawns and get money for it. Lawn care apps help connect both parties. So starting a lawn mowing business is far from being a bad idea. 

How Does An App For Lawn Care Business Work?

If you are planning to create an app for a lawn care business, you need to know the principle of functionality and understand how it works. Usually, lawn mowing apps perform three simple steps as follows:


#1. Post a lawn information. Lawn owners need to post the info about their lawn, indicate address and photo. It will take a few minutes, and then they can proceed to the next step.


#2. List and find a lawnmower. There is a list of lawnmowers, and users can check their ratings, read reviews about them, and even check their equipment. Also, some apps allow users to compare prices to find the best quote. 


#3. Schedule and pay. Once you chose a lawnmower, you schedule a mowing time, make a booking, and then pay. Funds will be reserved, and service providers will get it only when the work is completed. 

Benefits Of Lawn Mowing Apps

Although you already know that apps for lawn care business are beneficial for both parties, we would like to list the primary advantages substantively. 

Lawn care machine as a part of lawn mowing app benefits

Don’t have time to read the article? Then contact us directly and share the info about your upcoming project. 

  • Easy scheduling. Users can schedule time for lawn care using their mobile devices. Moreover, the time can be changed or canceled if necessary, with a few clicks.


  • Status tracking. The majority of lawn care apps make it possible to monitor work progress and even track it in real-time mode.


  • Convenient communication. Users may chat with service providers via an integrated chat system or use a phone to call them directly.


  • Processes automation. Once users fill out the required forms, they can schedule and book lawn care faster with a few clicks. Also, it is possible to create a template and make automated booking monthly/yearly.


  • Contribution to customer satisfaction and fruitful cooperation. Customers can write down all crucial information concerning lawn care and related processes, so service providers can check it and keep up with. The better the work is done, the more chances the customer will contact the same specialist again. 

Top Examples Of On-Demand Lawn Mowing Apps

What is unique about existing lawn care apps? Lawnmower on-demand application development implies that you need to use competitors’ apps and delve deeper into their functionality. 

Lawn Buddy 

Lawn Buddy app is targeted at teams of lawn care professionals where a team manager can communicate with customers and manage their team of lawnmowers and relevant specialists. When the job is completed, the manager sends an invoice to customers. Lawn Buddy has route optimization for getting the fastest way to do the job, crew tracking feature, and even marketing tools to attract more customers.  


The app was created in the USA in 2013. It works all over the US and Canada regions, and it allows users to find lawn and landscaping services nearby. The app provides a wide range of services like snow plowing, gardening, lawn mowing, mulch delivery, trimming, fertilization, etc. A rich user interface and thought-out UX made the Plowz&Wowz app one of the most popular ones.


Another app for US-based citizens. LawnGuru makes it possible for users to enter their address and use automated measuring tools to get instant pricing. The same as Plowz&Wowz, the range of services of LawnGuru is not limited to lawn mowing only. Users can find all services related to yard improvement. 

How Can You Monetize A Lawn Care App Like Uber?

Gaining a profit is the primary goal of any app development. Lawn mowing apps like Uber let you monetize them in two ways, and you can even choose both of them.

Ways of monetization for lawn mowing app 

In-app advertisement. This is a widespread monetization practice in the majority of apps. That is why you can start integrating ads into your app. Remember that advertising in your app must be unobtrusive since it will make customers abandon your app and find something better.


Fixed fee. When users pay for hired services, a fixed percentage of the amount will be transferred to you as an app owner. The percentage can be changed if the number of users is growing. 

How To Start Up A Lawn Care Business And Must-Have Features To Include

If you want to build an on-demand mowing app wisely and avoid failures, we recommend following a specific algorithm of actions. We have prepared steps for you to consider and a list of features for your lawn care app. 

Research Comes First

Know your competitor. And know your user. It is an established truth to remember. You should analyze competitor’s apps and spell everything out to make your app better than they did. Also, you need to focus on apps that are used by people in your region. If you enter the market with a new proposition — you must understand the demand of the target audience and the value your app brings. 

Diversify Categories Of Lawn Care 

If you want to stand out among competitors, your app should provide additional services apart from lawn mowing. At least, gardening and snow shoveling as well. The more services your app offers, the more users and services providers it has. And it directly impacts profit and accessibility. 


Besides, add a rewards-based payment system with gamification. That is, users may be rewarded for cashless payments, for example. Or the gamified payment process may be an additional source of bonuses and discounts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your app.

Hire A Customer Care Team

Do you remember that almost all on-demand apps like Uber have customer support features? In case of disputes or controversies between user and service provider, the team helps resolve all problems encountered. That is what your app should have — a support team. 


The number of employees will depend on the app size. But you must keep in mind that users don’t like to wait — they want to get the assistance right away. Thus, ensure instant help to your audience in case it needs one. 

Let Users Navigate Through Your App Easily

Design is what all users will pay attention to first. High usability of user interface and simple navigation — users want your app to be accessible and transparent. On-demand lawn mowing services are predominantly created using green and white colors (associated with grass), you can do the same. But let designers add something unique to make the app eye-catching. 

Find A Development Team 

You need to hire software developers who will build your app. As a rule, development companies provide all-in-one services — UI/UX design, software development, quality assurance. The Cadabra Studio team often creates products from scratch, and we know how this process works. 


Besides, another advantage for cooperation with a development company is that designers and developers communicate tightly, so your product is created in a close-knit team where all processes are well-established.


As for the development platform, we recommend starting with a landing page that will contain basic info about your product and a call-to-action button to download the mobile app. For a start, it can be an iOS app only. When the app gains momentum, you can order the development of the Android version additionally.  


How much will it cost to build your lawn mowing app? Get in touch with Cadabra Studio to get a detailed estimate.

Must-Have Features For Your Lawn Care App

Lawn mowing services must be created in two versions — for users and mowers. However, their features won’t be too different. We will list all general basic features for lawn care service you may be interested in. 

  • Search. Let users find lawn care service providers nearby. You can also add a mapping feature to locate specialists right on the map in real-time mode. Search is the essential feature any app must include. 


  • Filter. If your app provides a few types of services, mind to add a filter that will help users sort them by category, price, location, etc. 


  • Customer support. Interaction with the customer support team is an integral part of your service. Apart from communication with humans, you can also add an AI-based chatbot to answer frequently asked questions. It will be a more expensive option, but it will reduce the number of recurrent questions. 


  • Push notifications. The app will inform users or service providers about all activities. It prevents both parties from opening the app every minute and checking the feedback/status/update. 


  • Scheduling. Users can schedule lawn care at the time suitable for them. In turn, service providers may accept or reject the appointment. 


  • Payment. Customers should be able to send payments, while specialists can receive payments when the job is done, and the customer confirms it. Payments processing must be performed via reliable payment gateways like Braintree, Stripe, PayPal. 


  • Status update. The update of status notifies users on what stage their order is. A new order, in progress, or completed — it is much more convenient rather than spending time for permanent visual inspection of lawn condition. 


  • Chat. Text or video chat is required for communication between users and lawn care specialists or customer care employees. 


  • Ratings/reviews. Once the job is completed, the user can rate a specialist and leave a review. The rating system helps other users find the best professional. 


  • Social login. The app will contain a personal profile for each user and lawn care service provider, so they need to sign up and create their accounts. The authorization process will become faster if social media profiles are used. Let both parties log in using their Facebook/Google/Twitter accounts.


  • Admin panel. This feature will be useful for you as an app owner. The admin panel will be available in the web version as a CMS (content management system). Admin functions let you edit the app, change pricing, services, manage all users, etc. 

The Cost Of Starting A Lawn Care Business

Even when you know how to start up a lawn mowing business, you might be interested in the final cost of lawn care service development. Its cost will depend on the number of additional features, the complexity of user interface like animated design, number of platforms, etc. 


So we need to calculate the cost of your app when we have all your requirements and expectations. Our business development managers will provide you with all the required information on cost, timelines, tech stack, and answer all your questions. Contact us at any time!

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