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Key Tips for Those Who Start a Digital Business

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Starting your first project in digital, you may face a lot of issues natural for this area. Negotiating with various design and development agencies, you may get different ideas on how to organize the process and what specialists you need.

There are a lot of things to consider before starting an e-business - without any clear vision of the process, it is difficult to make sensible decisions. Taking care of your project’s success and your personal comfort, we gathered some of the most tricky issues to solve while planning the design and development of the website of an app.

Why Creating a Qualitative Design Is a Challenge for Many Development Companies?

A lot of companies are focused on development. Development is a more profitable focus area than design, and it is common to have a team of 40 developers but only 2-3 designers whose work is separated from other designers as well as the developers. However, to produce a design of high quality, there must be a design community inside the company.


Thought question: If the designer considering a hard decision doesn’t have a chance to ask a more experienced colleague for advice, what is the likelihood of making the right decision?

Design community inside the company by Marina Parhomenko

Why Good Designers Won’t Produce an Item of Unsatisfactory Quality?

Designers are creative people and design is their piece of art. It is no surprise that working on the app or website, they strive for recognition. The good designer cares for the product and believes that it will be successful and popular, and does everything to be proud of it.


Thought question: Can the talented designer who cares for the project work for the company that doesn’t appreciate the quality of the design and believes that it is less important than development? Or, will they work for the company that treats every project as a work of art?

The good designer cares for the product and believes that it will be successful and popular, and does everything to be proud of it byMarina Parhomenko

Why Shouldn’t Developers Create a Design?

What makes a good developer is a technical background and an analytical mind. Thus, they sometimes appeal to difficult examples and complex conclusions in order to explain simple things. Moreover, the design is not only about the way of thinking - it requires special skills and understanding of composition, color combinations and so on. It is necessary to have an eye for the latest trends not only in user interfaces but also in user experience.


Thought question: What is the chance for the developer to produce a simple and intuitively clear user interface?

Technical background and an analytical mind by Marina Parhomenko

Why Is It Cheaper to Hire a Middle Developer Than Junior Even If the Junior Rate Is Four Times Lower?

The price of a developer’s work depends on the experience, in particular, the number of projects they participated in. Junior developer’s rate is low because the projects they are engaged in usually aim at practice and obtaining qualifications to work on something bigger. A Junior developer doesn’t have enough qualifications which means that they work on tasks slower. 


Thought question: Even if Junior’s rate is much lower than a Middle’s one, what is the chance to save some money keeping the sustainable quality level?

The price of a developer’s work depends on the experience by Marina Parhomenko

Why Is It Better to Entrust Project Management to a PM Than Take Personal Charge of It?

If you have enough money to start an online business - you definitely do something that you are paid for. It is likely that you are a busy person with a long to-do list. Project management requires from 1 to 4 hours of the workday. Moreover, you never know what issues appear today and how long it will take to solve them. Except for moderation of communication between the team and the client, PM controls how the development goes and keeps various documentation - PM is a person responsible for the successful development cycle.


Thought question: Are you accessible 8 hours per day to solve the problems of the project team? Do you have all the necessary skills to manage it all?

Busy person with a long to-do list by Marina Parhomenko

What Is a “Snowball Effect”?

The product design stage is usually 3-5 times shorter than the development stage. In other words, developers can spend 6 to 12 months working on things designers prepared for them in 3 months.  For badly planned projects without elaborated UX correcting mistakes during the development stage may turn into the snowball - development is overextended. Thorough project planning is something you have to take care of before starting development.


Thought question: Do you think it is worth to start the development of the project with the UX that is not approved yet?

Someone who looks tired and needs reboot by Marina Parhomenko

There is no single correct answer to any of these questions. Whatever your opinion on these issues is, the only important thing is finding the team that shares your opinion on it and moves along with you. Except for the mentioned issues, there are a lot of other important things to learn starting a new business. 


We want to help you make sure the first steps of your digital business will be successful, so we prepared the cycle of articles containing useful tips you need to know when starting business in digital.

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