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Top 10 Websites Built With Ruby On Rails: How To Make Use Of RoR Framework 

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What do you need to perform your work successfully? The answer is the right set of tools, no matter what field of activity you are involved in. And website development should also be implemented using appropriate tools.

Public services you use every day pay rapt attention to tech stack for their websites. And there is one framework that is used in the range of popular sites. This framework is called Ruby on Rails. It is a comprehensive tool, and it has a lot of benefits for the development of new software.


Today we would like to draw up a list of the most popular websites built with Ruby on Rails and provide you with more detailed information about the RoR framework, its advantages. This article will reveal why your next project should be built with the RoR tool. 

What Is Ruby On Rails Used For?

Ruby on Rails is a multi-level MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for building web applications that use relational and NoSQL databases (like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL). The framework is created on a basis of the Ruby programming language. RoR is suitable for the development of websites that should be high-performance and fault-tolerant. 


But also, Ruby on Rails is good for the creation of web apps with complex business logic and dynamic interfaces. The RoR framework is an open-source tool, so it is used for free by all developers.


Ruby on Rails is a multipurpose framework since it is used for any type of web apps development, whether it be eCommerce platforms, content management systems (CMS), ERP systems, analytical platforms, social networks, etc. 

Best Websites Built With Ruby On Rails

The capabilities of the RoR framework are significant. So popular websites made use of it when their services were created. Let’s check these websites out. We bet there is a single website you haven’t heard about. 


A service that makes it possible for you to rent an apartment or room worldwide. But the difference is that here landlords offer the rent if they have a vacant room or apartment, so it is not a real estate service. Any meditators are not engaged in the process. 


Airbnb was founded in 2008 by three co-partners. The service gained popularity quickly, and today it is one of the most extensive lodging online marketplaces in the world. The RoR framework contributes to its performance and solid functionality. 


The name of the platform contains two separate words Git and Hub. Git is a version control system created by Linus Torvalds (a Linux founder). The version control system helps developers control versions of code they write. And Hub means a repository where the open-source code of different projects is stored. 


So the primary goal of GitHub is to provide developers with code and projects they can modify together and improve them. So GitHub is a kind of community of more than 40 million developers around the world. Ruby on Rails is a tool that allows the hosting to function flawlessly.


Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to create online stores. The platform is easy-to-use so that anyone can create their store without relevant technical skills. Besides, it requires minimal investments to launch an eCommerce business. 


The platform was founded in 2004 by three like-minded persons. And today, the platform numbers about 600,000 online retailers. Massive amounts of information are stored on this platform, and Ruby on Rails framework makes it possible to improve the scalability. 


Dribbble is the online service that unites graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, motion designers. They can publish their works (on Dribbble, they are called shots), leave comments, show their portfolio, etc. By the way, Dribbble is often used by clients who want to hire designers.


The number of Dribbble users is about 5 million for today. It is worth noting that users need to receive an invite from other users with Pro accounts if they want to publish their works and leave comments. 


Twitter should also be included in the list of interactive websites built with Ruby on Rails. It is a system that allows users to leave short notes on their page and comment on the notes of other users. Twitter service was built quickly due to the RoR framework, and it numbers 330 million active users as of the end of 2019, according to Oberlo. So RoR allows you to build software faster and launch within a short period. 


If you seek funding, then this is the right website for you. Kickstarter allows people to get the financing of scientific, creative, and innovative projects. Such well-known devices like Pebble Time and Oculus Rift were funded through Kickstarter. 


Almost 5 billion dollars were pledged to Kickstarter projects totally. And this crowdfunding platform today remains one of the most popular, but it means that new fundraisers need to amaze potential backers considering the abundance of campaigns. 


A video-on-demand service that works on a subscription model. Users can choose TV series, movies, cartoons, etc. and watch it. A video streaming platform is available only in the US for the moment. However, the number of subscribers is almost 30 million. The platform started its work in 2007. 


As for the RoR application, Hulu was even a sponsor to the “RailsConf 2012”, so the usage of Ruby on Rails for the back-end of Hulu provides the service with uninterrupted functionality. 


Twitch is a video game live streaming service. It belongs to Twitch Interactive, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. The main activity of the company is gameplay streaming and live streaming of cybersport tournaments. So Twitch is both a live streaming and video-on-demand service. 


Twitch has around 15 million unique users every day. So the server load is vast, and Ruby on Rails helps deal with it. Besides, the RoR framework allows developers to make some changes in the back-end faster. 


A free of charge service that makes it possible for users to upload professional videos and presentation slides. But the main focus of SlideShare is presentations. The target audience of SlideShare is business owners mainly, but students also visit it when it is necessary to write a research paper.


SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn, and then Microsoft bought it. SlideShare is a kind of media service where users may add their presentations and share useful statistics and other information.


UrbanDictionary is the online library of slang words, jargon, and abbreviations that are used in everyday language. The English language is full of unclear vocabulary, and UrbanDictionary helps everyone find the meaning of any unknown word and abbreviation. 


Besides, UrbanDictionary shows examples of word application, so that is what you need if you want to be on the same page with young people. 

Why Is Ruby On Rails Framework Advantageous For Your Project?

We have listed top sites built with Ruby on Rails, and we think that each of them is well-known for you. But why do such famous services use Ruby on Rails for building the back-end part? Because it has a few evident advantages, and you will find them out right away. 

  • Time efficiency. First of all, due to various plugins and modules that Ruby on Rails contains, the development process goes much faster. RoR developers may create a web application for 30% faster than if they would have used any other framework.


  • Cost efficiency. We have already mentioned that the Ruby on Rails framework is free of charge and open-source. And it means you don’t need to pay additionally for framework purchase. Besides, many useful plugins can be found on GitHub, and it also doesn’t add any cost to the development.


  • Scalability. One more reason why such services like GitHub or Twitch use RoR for the back-end part. The audience of these websites is growing exponentially, so scalable features of Ruby on Rails contribute to steady functionality.


  • Security. The RoR framework provides essential security features like SQL-injections and XSS attacks. So it helps create secure web applications and avoid malware threats.


Also, it is worth mentioning that the RoR community is extensive; there are tons of information like blogs and books together with online communities. 


At Cadabra Studio, we always use the Ruby language and RoR framework for the development of the back-end part of web applications. Apart from development speed and cost-efficiency, it is vital for us to meet the expectations of our clients and adhere to quality standards. So our Ruby developers are always on duty. 


Do you need a project that is created following all the necessary criteria of supreme quality? Mind to use Ruby language and RoR framework. Get in touch with us to share the details of your project — save your time and money!

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