Best Pharmacy Website Designs: Reasons To Build Online Pharmacy

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The evolution of technology contributed to the improvement of the personal comfort of all individuals. Nowadays, we can perform many actions online, no need to leave your comfort zone, literally and figuratively. And what there are any health-related issues, you can also provide yourself with medical assistance remotely.

And apart from remote healthcare apps, online pharmacies turn to be one more way to get medicines while staying at home and get proper treatment. If you own a pharmacy, it is not enough to have a physical store only. You must go online as well. Why? This article will give you all the answers and provide a compilation of eye-catching pharmacy website designs.

Why You Need To Design Pharmacy Website

The pharmacy website is an eCommerce store as well, but it sells drugs, and consumers can order prescription refills as well. However, online pharmacy is different from habitual eStores that sell food, household products, etc. The online pharmacy store must be an available database that contains information about drugs, it should enable users to select medications easily. Gif Maker

E-commerce Website Design Example by Cadabra

An online pharmacy store is a perfect option since it helps improve relations both with consumers and suppliers. And there are the main reasons why your pharmacy should have an online store:

  • Expectation. We mean that people already expect for online pharmacy availability. That is, 80% of consumers start searching online first before purchasing in a physical store, according to iResearchServices. So when people need medicines, they will first find a drugstore where they can buy it.C4Abb396 04A6 41A9 A21E 5A8D4246Bb60 Min

    E-commerce Website Design Example by Cadabra

  • 24/7 access. Online pharmacies are available round the clock. Of course, not every pharmacy offers night delivery services, but consumers can check the availability of medicine and buy it in the morning, or visit a nearby store. People save their time, and they like it.
  • Wider market coverage. When your pharmacy exists online as well, it is likely to attract more consumers than if you had a physical store only. The number of customers is growing, so is your profit.
  • Increased competitiveness. Online pharmacy is not just to let your clients buy drugs online — it is a presentation of your brand. An online pharmacy store may provide consumers with high-quality products and service level, and prove that your store may stand out among existing competitors.

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Top Pharmacy Websites And Their Design Particularities

You should know what features your pharmacy should include, and why you must build a perfect UX design for your pharmacy website to retain users. But before we share this information, you need to get acquainted with the best pharmacy websites and see their particularities. It will help you create a crowd-pleasing online pharmacy.


1 Min

RiteAid is one of the largest networks of pharmacies in the United States. Its website is full of features, and we see large images on homepages once we enter it. The large navigation bar on a white background makes it possible for all users to see it first, and then find medicine or a store nearby.

White and blue colors that prevail on websites create associations with medical service, so colors weren’t selected by accident. Below the fold, at the bottom of the page, you can find the required data and sitemap.

Advantages Pharmacy

2 Min

As for Advantages Pharmacy, this pharmacy from Texas, US, has a minimalistic design, and the homepage has a couple of images, product advertising, special offers, and a conventional navigation bar. But the overall color spectrum is also blue.

The reason why its pharmacy website design is so small lies in the fact that advantages pharmacy works directly with physicians to optimize treatments.

PricePro Pharmacy

3 Min

The following website is a Canadian-based PricePro Pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy web design starts with a static navbar that remains visible when you scroll down the page. Many sites use this feature. Then, a long homepage describes what online pharmacy is, how it works, contact details, guarantees.

Price Pro pharmacy also delivers drugs to the United States. It makes it possible to upload prescriptions and refill them.


4 Min

ADV-Care pharmacy is an extensive network of pharmacies in Canada that exists for more than 20 years. ADV-Care website pays more attention to red and white colors, and we can see trace the association with the Red Cross organization, which was founded to protect human health. The homepage provides us with an advanced search bar that helps consumers find a drug by first letters.

The easy-to-use and clear website delivers online solutions to users, and the pharmacy also has mobile solutions that are available for iOS and Android.


5 Min

We keep on describing Canadian-based online pharmacies, and BuyLowDrugs pharmacy focuses on delivering safe prescription drugs at the lowest possible prices. That is, the primary goal of the pharmacy is to provide an efficient alternative to expenses medicines.

The website is similar to Advantages Pharmacy with its simple design, but it offers all essential information clearly and intuitively. Find drugs, refill prescriptions, read about symptoms of diseases — everything is at your fingertips.


6 Min

The online pharmacy from Canada sells prescription and non-prescription drugs. DrugMart pharmacy has one of the best pharmacy website designs. Besides, it also focuses on veterinary medicine, and you can find pet medicine on the website.

Its homepage answers the two most general questions — how to find drugs (a search bar above) and how to order (you can choose a convenient way to contact the pharmacy). Navigation through the website is intuitive and straightforward.

Bartell Drugs

7 Min

Bartell Drugs pharmacy store is located in Seattle, US. The website shows us a static navbar and logo of the brand. Its color spectrum consists of white, blue, and red colors. A navbar includes necessary links like products, services, consultation, etc.

However, contact information can be found at the bottom of the homepage along with the About us section. Also, there you can find icons of social media profiles where Bartell Drugs pharmacy is available.


8 Min

FaastPharmacy is a pharmacy in California, US. Unlike other pharmacies listed, this one has no physical stores. You choose medicines, you order it, and wait for delivery. FaastPharmacy has no unique distinguishing particularities in color scheme, so it uses white and blue color.

Entering a website, you can find a list of the proposed treatment with a call-to-action, and the pharmacy allows you to find drugs you need quickly. Besides, a homepage shows the pricing for the most popular medications below the fold. An overall impression is quite favorable.

The Online Drugstore

9 Min

This pharmacy has an uncomplicated name, but the name bears the primary role of what the pharmacy serves for. The design of a pharmacy website reminds Amazon or other marketplaces since it contains dozens of products and prices on the homepage. One distinguishing feature is that you can read reviews by clicking the icon on the left side of the page.

The Online Drugstore allows users to perform habitual ways of purchasing — product selection, adding to the shopping cart, ordering, and delivery. A user-friendly interface contributes to it.

McCabes Pharmacy


McCabes Pharmacy is an Ireland-based pharmacy that is considered to be a network of pharmacies around the country. The website shows that you don’t need a complex design to be on the top. Quick and easy navigation is combined with precise information and a carousel on a homepage that shows useful tips and current offers.

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The Importance Of Great Pharmacy Web Design

Pharmacy websites listed above may be an example of how the best pharmacy web design should look. What is their secret? The secret is simple as two and two make four — a properly built UX design. And let’s figure out the reasons why good design matters.

First, the design of your website must be up-to-date. If it adheres to modern trends and uses contemporary tricks, your pharmacy website will surely catch the attention of users.

Second, thought-out UX design makes your website easy-to-use, simplifies the navigation process; users don’t waste their time trying to find drugs and order them. Or if they want to contact you, they shouldn’t have any questions on how to do it. Chaotic design leads to frustration, and users will leave it once and for all.

Third, perhaps, we will repeat it once again, but it is still topical (and it will always be) — the first impression means a lot. Users need a few seconds to evaluate the quality of a website. Besides, you need to stand out among competitors, so if your pharmacy website has some striking features, it will be an additional trigger for users.

And, finally, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. You should optimize your website for smartphones and tablets since the majority of users prefer using mobile devices for web surfing. It will be another victory in the bag.

What conclusions can we draw out of this section? You need a team of skilled designers. And web developers as well, if you are planning to create a pharmacy website from scratch. Why can Cadabra Studio become your assistant in this process? 

Our company has worked in the IT market for more than five years. The team of senior and middle UI/UX designers has a great experience in the development of pharmacy websites and other software of different complexity levels. Besides, Cadabra Studio is located in Ukraine, and hourly rates in our region are not high. So you can outsource your software development right now, and get top quality at affordable prices.

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What Features Are Must-Have In Your Pharmacy Website

It is no less essential to know what features your website should include. We will show you basic features online pharmacies cannot function properly without but don’t forget about additional features that will make your service outstanding and attract more potential consumers. Remember that your website is a perfect option for the audience that is used to buying products online.

  • Search. This feature simplifies the process of finding various drugs. It is recommended to add advanced search with filters to find medicines by category. Besides, when the search prompts and may identify what user needs with two or three letters, it is also more useful for consumers.This article may be interesting for you: How We Made Arabic Website Design
  • Product page. Each medicine should have its description, including doses, contraindications, side effects, images, and so on.
  • Contact information. Let consumers find contact information quickly. It should include phone numbers, emails, as well as opening hours since if some pharmacies work 24/7, this information should be available.
  • Reviews. Consumers should be able to leave reviews about service quality or medicine.
  • Prescriptions upload/refill. When users may upload their new prescriptions or refill old ones online, it saves their time and increases loyalty.
  • Profiles. Users need to create their profiles to upload prescriptions and work with their personal files.
  • Social media integration. When the pharmacy has its profiles in various social media networks, people have more trust in this service, and it is more likely that consumers will choose your pharmacy.
  • Blog. Any interesting articles related to medicine can be posted on your blog. Remind all your consumers that they should visit a doctor if they feel sick because self-medication is a risky and hazardous practice.

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All these features will help you increase conversion that is equal to profit.

Your Final Step Is…

…to contact a development company and provide them with detailed information on your project. We recommend you to write a business plan for your pharmacy website that will include features you need, budget size, timelines, project description, and design expectations.

Web design for pharmacy requires an individual approach. But the Cadabra Studio team always likes to work with non-trivial tasks, because we are troubleshooters, and that’s what we do. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a pharmacy website in words is very easy. But, going into technical details, developing a pharmacy website is extremely difficult. The easiest way is to contact qualified pharmacy website developers to make everything go smoothly.


The estimated cost to develop an MVP for a pharmacy website is around $16,000-$30,000. If you want a more complex pharmacy web product, it will cost more.

It can take 3 to 6 months to create a pharmacy website if we talk about the basic version. A pharmacy website with wider functionality can take about 12 months to develop.

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