15 Top Healthcare Website Designs: What Makes Medical Services Good-Looking

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15 Top Healthcare Website Designs: What Makes Medical Services Good-Looking

According to DialogTech, 5% of all Google searches are health-related. And a considerable number of queries include searches of reliable medical websites. To evaluate the quality of a website, users are checking its rating and reading reviews of other users. But medical website design quality also means a lot.


Some websites have an impressive design, and some should find ways to improve the design. Otherwise, they won’t gain popularity. We want to list the best medical website design examples, discuss what types of healthcare websites exist, and essential features for them. Make yourself comfortable and start reading!  

Types Of Medical Websites And Their Difference

Medical websites have three main types they may be divided into — primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care types. Their healthcare web design may not differ from each other. Such websites may have some different services. 

Primary Healthcare Type 

Websites that provide primary healthcare include such services as finding a family doctor, choose a clinic, schedule an appointment, etc. Primary healthcare (which is also called outpatient care) means that people can find a doctor generalist who deals with a wide range of physical and psychological problems. Outpatient care is non-emergency care that allows users to find a physician who will become their family doctor. 

Secondary Healthcare Type

Such websites are created by clinics that offer ambulatory treatment and emergency care. Primary care physicians may refer patients to such clinics for a more detailed check-up if specialized skills or equipment is required. It is also known as inpatient care. When people need emergency care, secondary healthcare websites are the right resources for them. 

Tertiary Healthcare Type

And this type includes websites of specialized clinics like clinics of reproductive medicine, plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, cancer management, and so on. So tertiary healthcare type means medical establishments with specialized fields of expertise. As a rule, these are private clinics that don’t require referrals from primary care physicians. 


In case of lack of information about other medical apps, you can read our guide on how to build a doctor appointment app.

15 Best Hospital Websites: Particularities Of Medical Web Design 

Medical web design that captures attention — that’s already half the battle. And if you are going to build a website for your hospital or clinic, you should use best existing practices as an example. We made a compilation of the most interesting sites you should pay attention to. 


What type of design does your website need? You’d better not waste your time and contact our managers. We will build the best-fitting website design for your organization.

Arkansas Surgical Hospital


The first example of the best medical web design. Arkansas Surgical Hospital is located in North Little Rock city, Arkansas. A homepage starts with contact information and the precise location of clinics. So patients won’t even need to click the Contact us page button. Below it, the hospital added important information regarding safety precautions considering the pandemic of the COVID-19. 


Colors and fonts of the website are unobtrusive, and the site has a navigation bar above the fold to find everything patients may require. Also, ASH made а fantastic page of testimonials in the form of a carousel, and visitors may get acquainted with patient reviews adequately.

Rush University Medical Center


A medical center that is included in the academic health system created by Rush University, located in Chicago. A large banner in the center offers users to find a doctor or make an appointment. The website has a typical navigation bar where users may find a doctor, look through services and conditions, and read about the center. 


RUMC has fascinating health content that consists of a large number of useful articles where patients may find essential information. So you can see an engaging web design for healthcare. 

Centura Health


Centura Health represents a vast network of hospitals, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms around the USA. Its hospital web design has a basic structure, but it contains all the required links. The navigation bar has only five primary links. A search bar is located right above the navigation bar, which makes the icon visible and improves the search process. 


Besides, the website of Centura Health has high-contrasting fonts that make a website easy-to-read for all visitors, especially if visitors are visually impaired. 

Rest Assured 


The company is involved in the development and integration of its remote support technology for people with disabilities. Using telecare and remote support tech, patients may improve their lives quality. Rest Assured company is not a hospital, but it contributes to medical devices invention. 


The website of the company has convenient navigation, large images, white background with visible buttons. Also, the website has a high level of accessibility since patients may find the information easily using text-to-speech software. 

IU Health


This website was included in the list of the best hospital website designs deservedly. Indiana University Health hospital is created by Indiana University School of Medicine. A bright and clear website provides users with a keyword search feature that is very user-friendly. Using integrated filters, patients may find the required information easily. Besides, the IU Health website makes it possible to track the history of searches. 

Mayo Clinic


Its medical clinic website design, as well as the clinic itself, is considered to be one of the most advanced and well-known clinics in the USA. As you can see, the website is full of different information, but it delivers the info rather effectively. The primary services like Appointments, Find a Doctor, Contacts us are located right on the homepage with large visible buttons. 


Mayo Clinic offers a symptom checker where users may test their health conditions below the navigation bar. 

Mercy Health


Our list of the best hospital website designs is enhanced by the US-based hospital Mercy Health. When you enter a website, it looks like a website of a scientific lab or NASA. High-quality images attract users, and large buttons with visible fonts simplify the search process. 


The carousel of images and features below the header creates a comfortable view due to beautiful photos. A search bar in the center makes it impossible to lose it. The combination of colors has a calming effect.

Regional One Health


A healthcare system that provides primary care physicians services. A network of Regional Health Hospitals hospitals is located in the USA in Memphis, Tennessee. When you enter a website, you can see a range of videos that tell you a story. So a website becomes engaging when you watch short movies. This hospital web design makes the navigation process much more enjoyable.

Northwestern Medicine


Northwestern Medicine center website is full of different images and figures with statistics indicating how many employees, practicing physicians, and awards the hospital has. Each image contains call-to-action that motivates users to perform some action. On the central image, essential features like Request appointment, Find doctors and Find locations are available. 

Royal Adelaide


A health website design of Royal Adelaide public hospital makes a perfect first impression. Royal Adelaide hospital is a governmental hospital situated in Adelaide, Australia. The website is well-organized. The care of the hospital is displayed in its main question you can see on the homepage on the right side — “Do you have an emergency?”. Users can click on it to get the assistance of specialists as soon as possible. Minimalism and futuristic design of the hospital make the navigation process user-friendly.

Knoxville Pediatric Associates


As the website was created for a pediatric clinic, its health web design displays the goal — plenty of images with smiling kids. White colors prevail on a website, making the design shiny and alluring. The navigation bar has the Meet Our Practitioners link, where you can find all practicing pediatricians in KPA. What’s amusing, there on the picture of each physician, their favorite color, and their favorite cartoon character is written. 


Well, this design type builds a loyal attitude to the clinic from parents who plan to take their children there. 

Scanlons Health Services


An Irish pharmaceutical healthcare service provider. The company is involved in the development of medical hardware and software. The website shows us an animated navigation bar with custom graphics and icons. Great typography makes a comfortable reading. When clicking on any link, a splash screen with a heart appears. 


Scanlons Health Services website also starts music playback, and then an off-screen voice describes the services of the company and its values. A website has a responsive design, keywords search, and straightforward CTAs.

Mayday Healthcare


Mayday Healthcare is not a hospital but an online platform for hiring nurses, physicians, and related medical staff. The agency is based in the UK. It also contains best practices for hospital websites. The design of a website has a parallax effect, natural shapes, user-friendly navigation, the prevalence of white colors. Header calls users to action to register with Mayday and start searching jobs. 



A medical center PeterMac is considered to be the leading cancer research, education and treatment center that is located in Australia. The website contains a comprehensive menu with categories and sub-categories, responsive design, and high performance. Also, a website has a wide range of languages that is not so widespread in medical sites. 

Children’s Hospital Colorado 


As it is clear of its name, the hospital in Colorado is focused on pediatrics expertise. The website of CHC has a sticky navigation bar that moves when you scroll down the page. Live search of doctors by departments, responsive design (as well as a mobile app), attractive CTAs, images of children, of course. 


The list of the best hospital websites design we provided in this article may inspire you to create your website, considering all eye-catching design moments. It is worth noting that almost all websites contain information about the COVID-19 and instructions on how to visit a clinic during the pandemic. So the website development is a good idea today since it doesn’t require you to contact software developers closely — everything is performed online. 


What features should your medical website include? You will find out in the next section. 

Must-Have Features For Best Designed Hospital Websites 

Must-Have Features For Hospital Websites

The list of components may be very long, but there are must-have features that make your website functional, and it will help you avoid a high bounce rate. If you would like to add more features to enhance your healthcare service, you may always do it later. 

  • User experience. The first thing you should remember is that elaborate UX design is crucial for the medical website. And if you want to create a top medical website design, you should mind that patients may be typical users. The majority of them tend to use well-known social media like Facebook, Twitter, make a purchase on Amazon, and so on. That is, the UX design of your healthcare website must be clear-cut, highly perceptive, and intuitive to use. 

    9D06Ffcc1Ae9966734Ce73760Ec57B09 1 Min

    Healthcare Website Design by Cadabra

    Well, it is not the option trying to create UI/UX design for the website on your own. You need the assistance of a qualified design team. That is what Cadabra Studio does — hire us!


    You should consider human factors like health problems (poor vision, cognitive impairments, low dexterity); your website must be user-friendly for all kinds of visitors. Cadabra Studio has experience in the development of healthcare-related services, so our team will create a website for you considering the essential factors and experience of the best health website designs we listed above. 


  • Security standards. Depending on what country you create a website for, you should ensure it meets the relevant local standards. In the USA, all healthcare services must be HIPAA-compliant. In the UK, your website should follow Data protection act compliance. It means that the personal data is appropriately protected, so patients know their data is safe.


  • Responsive design. According to SAG IPL, 62% of companies increased their sales by designing responsive websites for their customers. The majority of users today prefer surfing the web via smartphone. So make it possible for all your future patients to use a website easily via smartphones. 

    Wehealth Min

    Healthcare Website Design for WeHealth by Cadabra

  • Engaging CTAs. A trivial phrase like “the first impression means a lot” remains topical, nevertheless. Your website has a few seconds to draw the attention of new users. Add calls-to-action that will encourage users to cooperate with you and increase trust for your service. 


  • Contact details. If you create a website for a hospital or clinic, contact details should include not only phone numbers and emails but also opening hours. Patients know when they can go to hospital. Contact us page should be visible in the navbar above the fold. 


  • Schedule an appointment. To visit a specific physician, patients should be able to schedule and book an appointment with a doctor. Medical websites usually put Schedule an appointment button above the fold, making it visible with a large font. 


  • Key services. A page with critical services must be included since it shows all areas of expertise in a specific clinic/hospital. Apart from clear navigation, when patients don’t have difficulties finding the required services, the page will also increase your website in search rankings. 


  • Profiles. Medical centers usually allow patients to create online profiles on their websites where they can monitor the history of treatment, store health records, etc. But the most crucial part is the profiles of doctors. Patients can look through the information about each physician, short bio, education, experience. 


  • FAQ. Frequently asked questions section, or better known as FAQ, may provide answers to many questions. As a rule, patients tend to ask the same questions often, so the list of such questions and answers must be available on your medical website. 


  • Blog. Articles and related useful information build relationships with patients. They get this info, become aware of critical healthcare issues, etc. A regularly updated blog also makes a good impression on readers. 


  • Testimonials. People have more trust in services that contain reviews and testimonials of customers. And if you want to keep your reputation on a high level, make sure that even negative reviews won’t be removed from a website. But the primary purpose of your healthcare service is to provide top-notch quality level. 

Let’s Draw The Line

Creating the best health website design is not an easy task. However, the world is your oyster. You can do everything, but you need to do your best and don’t give up. The 15 top medical websites we have mentioned above showcase how an excellent UI and UX make their services outstanding. 


Medical services will never be old-fashioned; people always need healthcare assistance. Hiring a proficient software development company will be the right option if you are not a tech-savvy person. Contact Cadabra Studio and our team will provide you with all crucial details on website development. There are not complicated tasks — there are tasks that require a bit more time to resolve them.

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If your SEO rankings go up, your conversion rates skyrocket, and you need to scale up your server to handle all the traffic you’re getting, we’ve done our job. Fortunately, we’re confident all of these metrics will be hit.

If your SEO rankings go up, your conversion rates skyrocket, and you need to scale up your server to handle all the traffic you’re getting, we’ve done our job. Fortunately, we’re confident all of these metrics will be hit.

If your SEO rankings go up, your conversion rates skyrocket, and you need to scale up your server to handle all the traffic you’re getting, we’ve done our job. Fortunately, we’re confident all of these metrics will be hit.
If your SEO rankings go up, your conversion rates skyrocket, and you need to scale up your server to handle all the traffic you’re getting, we’ve done our job. Fortunately, we’re confident all of these metrics will be hit.

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