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Why Designers Should Travel More

Traveling drives curiosity. Practically everyone likes to travel, whether by land, sea or air. And why not? You get excited to see new environments and people, try new things, and be surrounded by the fresh and inspiring atmosphere. But did you know that traveling can actually help your design work as well?

To be clear, traveling doesn’t directly help you to design. Rather, travel can indirectly improve your work by improving yourself. When you become better, happier, more excited, your work becomes better as well. It’s like fuel for your brilliant work and traveling constantly refuels you.

You experience a lot while you travel and each brings a different lesson to learn about yourself, the community, culture, environment, and so on. Apply experiences to your every-day life — whether it’s a story you can share to make yourself relatable to a client, a lesson that taught you not to procrastinate, a new relationship, or seeing beyond cultural differences, you’ll appreciate each experience.

Traveling abroad enhances creativity in a number of ways. Experiencing how people do things in another part of the world can help to get out from comfort zone and gives a new perspective on communication. The street signs, for example, are not only in another language but are designed with different colors, typefaces, and icons. We will show you an importance of taking a new approach to reach your target audience.

There is something about walking in someone else shoes that let you empathize and connect with them. Meeting people from different cultures teaches you that your preconceived notion of them was a misunderstanding and we are much more similar than the mass media lets us believe. Our differences are not obscured and should be celebrated. Traveling also helps you to figure out the next phase of your life and provides closure on the last one.

Typically, you visit and make friends when you travel. They introduce you to their friends, it’s a great opportunity to gain perspective on a variety of cultures and trends and lifestyles, which helps you to keep an open mind when you work. It’s also an additional opportunity for work collaboration in the future for each of us.

To fill your adventure experience with comfort and new feelings we want to share with you latest tech innovation which is super portable and also have driven energy.

Let`s see!

The Ultimate Rager: A Backpack + Cooler + Bluetooth Speaker

Every journey is impossible without carrying your personal stuff with you. What if your bag you can work in another way! With this super stylish backpack you can always keep your music loud, drink fresh cold drinks, your phone will always be charged and you personally will be raging!


Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

They are super cool to have large screen on your smartphone, but when you need to be active and portable and pockets of your favorite shorts are small, here comes a dilemma. Also, big screen means quicker battery running down.  So if your priority is to stay in touch as long as you can, you will definitely like this small mobile friend!

Meet Lou: The REAL Electric Skateboard. She’s a sure thing.


Fresh wind does face, freedom feelings to soul! Cool, comfortable and electric. It was designed specifically to give you an opportunity to see as much as it`s possible. Will be great for people who adore traveling alone, but even if there will be more than just them! You can raise and have funny competitions reaching to the most popular touristic sports!


Enjoy and stay active with us!

Best regards,

Cadabra team!

Thanks for reading us!

Author: Natalie Dziatkovski

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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