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What to Expect from AI Nowadays

Artificial intelligence could be either the most positive change in our history. The study of AI are on the way to the computer by providing properties to the knowledge that is comparable with the capabilities of the human brain — at least in this direction have been conducted for three decades. Artificial intelligence or AI — a term used to describe the intellectual ability of computers to make decisions. Here we want to share with you basic tendencies of AI development and show you how your device can improve your daily being with AI technology. Take a look at three types of AI:

-ANI — Artificial Narrow Intelligence — first level of consciousness, makes decision only in one area, for example, can beat the world champion of chess, but nothing more.

-AGI — Artificial General Intelligence — second level, ordinary human consciousness, can solve math and logic tasks, think abstractly, compare and assimilate complex ideas, learn from personal experience.

-ASI — Artificial Super Intelligence — third level of artificial intelligence technologies, he is smarter than all of humanity taken together, the first bit, and then as a result of self — a trillion times.

Sounds nice! Yes? But there is one problem with AI to write software that can fully simulate the human brain and copy all of its own operations or emulate similar to the human. Then all this will have to be transferred to the appropriate media and form such a hardware platform that will allow artificial intelligence to operate without human intervention and even make changes to its own code yourself. On one of the last AI projects launched on Kickstarter let`s see how today your routine as a driver can be improved and what to expect on the road from your new intelligent friend named Chris.

Chris: Your digital co-driver with Artificial Intelligence

The World’s first assistant for staying connected to your digital life at the wheel. Chris listens and talks to you, like a buddy. Chris is built with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. What’s the big deal? Chris listens and talks to you. And the more you interact, the better it works. The best part though: Chris actively lets you know when new messages hit your inbox, or when traffic changes and much more. Connect the dots of your digital life while you drive. For most people, cars are the extension of their homes. Chris is a smart object that seamlessly blends into the interior of your car, your private space, made to escape urban noise and help you get to place faster.

This technology nicely implies to your daily professional life. Even late drive to home after super productive day might be relaxed. Sounds nice, yes? We also think so! AI and UX are great partner’s combination when it comes to right understanding how your product interact with clients. Bringing this technology to daily users experience we can save for them much time for realizing plans. Surely AI can not replace all our needs but let`s give it a chance and see what happen! So amazing how nowadays human can design software which gives us more opportunities to do things we love. ASI- is not in some theoretical future sky-high, and the emergence of technology in the near future — the first step has been done already with the launch everydays AI systems.

Thanks for reading us!

Author: Natalie Dziatkovski

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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