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Watching Smart

During centuries they helped us to find time path and were a symbol of Chronos. Einstein once said that time is just an illusion. But it is a canvas of our life and we cannot resist it all. Some people love making timing and some don’t. Actually, you never try, you never know. Right? Do you wear simple watches? Probably no because we all really have access to time from every screen. What about smart watches? They are like a miniature computer which is placed on your wrist. Today each manufacturer gives models an individual set of functions. In addition to stylish appearance, smartwatches have many advantages. This device captures the load during training, calculates the calorie consumption, the cardiac monitor monitors the heart rate, the built-in pedometer option tracks the physical activity, counts the steps passed during the day. Time lays between all these tasks and splits them to your daily life plan. Sounds good, agree?

Moreover, smart watches have an access to a wireless Internet, give the opportunity to answer a call, receive notifications and respond to them, read e-mail. You are aware of important events and able to respond immediately to the received information. Communication in the social network becomes easier. Interacting with applications which are downloaded from the Google Play or Apple store make the gadget functional. Find out the latest news and respond to messages on Facebook.

See what you can make to feel confident and powerful for 100 percent. Check these recent startups and hurry up to give a feedback.

Hagiс. The only stylish smartwatch can last up to 15 days

In the epoch of fast-changing things, we all have the feeling of the lack of confidence and reliability from the use of technology. We think we found the very nice device that will remain truthful to you in any circumstances. Meet Hagic! This is a smart new generation watch that you will be able to dress and feel secure as well. Created by lovers of outdoor life they are perfect for both sporty and casual styles. High-performance security, long battery charging and dozens of design options. Ready for spring outdoor exploration? This is the gadget that doesn’t want to be removed from your hand.

Dagadam Watch — Think Beyond

Do you remember your kids dream about transferring thoughts with no words? We found it real in discovering Dagadam watch. You stand near your friend who is wearing the same watch for 5 sec and share tons of ideas, surely you can control what it gives, no private photos with cats. If you are a swimming fan or just love having a walk under the warm summer rain you will never feel alone! Dagadam will become your loyal partner! If you are a boy or a girl you can even find perfect size of the screen for your hand and feel comfortable wearing Dagadam on your wrist.

ZeTime: World’s first smartwatch with hands over touchscreen

Once one son asked his father to give him his old bronze watches, many years since he wears them and it still reminds his good old days. This story is not a unique one. Surely you have your own. If so, see ZeTime! It has clock hands and even makes this nice sound. But they are touchable and support all innovations. Ready to become a traveller in time? Looking at your watches you see a combination of technologies from past and nowadays. Here we go. A great mix of two centuries makes this device look unique! Amazing? We also think so!
Day by day we go through life and sometimes it feels like Deja Vu. At the same time, there is another phenomenon named Vu jade which means you meet something new. If you really want to feel all spectrums of effective timing, there is a smart watching issue waiting for you! Do you still have a free space on your wrist? It’s time to find a smart buddy!

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Author: Natalie Dziatkovski

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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