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VR AR MR Sides Of Reality

What is VR, AR and MR? If in the case of virtual reality most people don’t have questions, then question about the difference between AR and MR does not seem to be easy. We will talk about each of the realities. What is the difference between VR, AR and MR?

Virtual Reality (VR)

This term refers to a completely virtual reality created by a computer and reproducing a completely different environment. A person is immersed in it with the help of special devices (most often VR-helmets) and can not see what is happening in the real world. Thanks to this, the presence effect is created in a completely different place. A simple example is VR-games. The user puts on a helmet and gets into a different, virtual space, with which he interacts.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This concept includes digital objects displayed on wearable devices, while not changing the outside world. Augmented reality does not change the environment of a person, but only brings to it artificial elements, like weather information or a pop-up notice of receiving an e-mail. The key point is that digital content is not attached to the space.

This reality can be seen by putting on for example Google Glass.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality is an environment that is created with reference to the situation in the real world. Co-existence of real and virtual objects.

In this case, virtual objects are added to the world, which are attached to their place in space so that the viewer perceives them as real. For example, creating a virtual painting hanging on the wall is a mixed reality. An empty room, furnished with a virtual armchair, a sofa and a floor lamp — this is also a mixed reality. The essence of technology is to bring virtual objects that look the most plausible, into the real world. Maximizing plausibility and the ability to interact with a virtual object that “lives” in the real world are key moments in a mixed reality.

The technologies listed above have similarities and terminological boundaries which can sometimes seem blurred, but the fact remains: each of them has its own level of immersion in virtual space. Perhaps in the future one more kind of reality will be invented.

Projects based on VR, AR and MR realities become more and more popular and easy to implement in daily life. There are some of the most interesting projects on Kickstarter platform.

Aryzon — 3D Augmented Reality for Every Smartphone

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Affordable Professional 360º Sound & Video Camera for 3D VR

Turn on your smartphone to VR! Easy and portable! Learn, watch, play! Experience new bright taste of reality! Designers need a dose of positive imagination skills , yes! Go for it and enjoy!

We are just stepping to new reality experience! It is so undiscovered and attractive! VR, AR and MR slowly implement in daily life. New age brings new challenges! Be excited and ready!

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