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Useful Skills for UX-UI Designers

To be the UX/UI designer is not an easy thing. The creator of interfaces should have skills, which he should practice all his life. Here are some useful skills for you, that we have picked up as the most necessary.

1.Have your own opinion.

The UX designer should understand, what responsibility he has. He needs to defend his own opinion, if he sees the right way to create the interface. UX designer should thoroughly learn the interface and not stuck with small details in the very beginning.

In such a manner designer has to research as much as possible about needs of users and take them as the main priority. It’s not about his own preferences. Designer has to find the best and the easiest way for the user to interact with the app. No matter on what process you are working, always remember about the convenience of the user.

2. Emphasise the main problems.

Designer should emphasise the main problems, that the user can have while using the app. If he finds out and fix it, the app will work successfully. Professional designers feel completely comfortable doing the UX design on every stage.

Don’t be afraid to face difficult situations. Even if the problem is not clear, analyse it and fix.

3.Remember about users.

As we mentioned earlier, the main goal is the user. Designer must remember about users first. And then think about his own preferences. Always ask yourself : “What does the user need? How will the user interact with the app? Is it comfortable for the user?”. It is very important to couch the approach, which is oriented on the user.


One of the main keys to the successful app is an observation. Because design is the fast-paced industry. So designer needs to observe how everything works and what is better for the user. Ask your friends, what they would like to see and how they would like to use the app. Keep learning and educating yourself.

5.Don’t be afraid to fail.

There will always be a moment, when you feel unconfident. And that’s OK. There will be ups and downs and there will be different opinions. The main thing is not to lose yourself. Trust in your skills. So don’t be afraid to fail.

6. Extend your mind.

Don’t focus only on one idea. Designer is that one, who is always ready to switch one idea to another. He is not about one style and one direction. He takes into account customer’s preferences and makes allowances. A good designer is “functional”.

And here are some useful blogs, books and sites, that we have chosen for you. Hope, you will find it interesting.

UX archive

Website inspiration

Design inspiration

Gensler Research

Donald Norman The Design of Everyday Things”, “Emotional Design”, “The Design of Future Things”

Jakob Nielsen Nielson Norman Group

Universal Principles of Design (Jill Butler, Kritina Holden, and William Lidwell)

Laws of Simplicity (John Maeda)



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