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Top 5 Best UX Infographics

Designing for user experience can be a hard thing.But it can be difficult even to understand some of the design processes. In this case infographics can come in handy, cause they distinctly picturize complex processes, especially when some of them are so baffling to describe with words.
In order to simplify for you the understanding of UX processes we would like to share with you the best, in our opinion, infographics which describe the user experience design.

1.The Disciplines of User Experience Design

Actually this infographic was created by Dan Saffer, and later re-designed and extended by Thomas Glaser. It helps to figure out how the terms, which we often use in user experience design, interect with each other.

2. User Experience Lifecycle

Copyright © 2015 Provis Media Group

This is an example of an apt infographic, cause it`s simple and clear. The infographic`s visuals subtly indicate the stages of the cycle, while the words are explaining its stages.

3. User Centered Design

This amazing infographic is created by designer Pascal Raabe. It illustrates that it`s not enought to have just a beautiful visuals. The succsess of the project consists in the working within a user-centered design process.

4. Ramp it Up: Action-based Techniques for Building Accessible Websites

Copyright © Taliesin Smith

It`s not a secret that creation of the content is an unbelievably important thing, but it`s necessary to mention that sometimes it`s very challenging. This infographic clearly highlights levels of accessibility.

5. The Spine of Information Architecture

Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-NC 2.0 Yasuhisa Hasegawa

The advantage of this infographic is that it shows both sides: emotions and data. It represents various complex elements in a deceptively simple way.

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