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Top 10 Inspirational Designers And Studios

Inspiration cannot be stolen, borrowed, or given. You can feel it when you require it the most.

Let us represent to you the top 10 ( in our opinion) talented designers and studios of our time whose work inspires and motivates for further growth.

1. Andrew Vucko
Talented designer from Toronto. Everything that makes Vucko is inspiring. And the video below confirms it.

Website Andrew Vucko:

2. David Pocull
The designer from Barcelona, David Pocull, has an unusual style. In his works he uses an interesting combination of colors and textures.

Website David Pocull:

3. Magoz 
The talented Illustrator named Magoz makes a very laconic design decisions: from characters to color selection. But in a simple, understandable character animation there is a real charm.

The website Magoz:

4. ARM Sattavorn 
The works of a designer named Arm Sattavorn (Vancouver, Canada) are creative and interesting decisions, plus a very beautiful and high-quality animations.

Website Arm Sattavorn:

5. Animade
London Studio Animade is a fun mix of minimalist design elements, simple characters and great animation.

The website Animade:

6. Gentleman Scholar 
Insanely cool designers and professionals in the business. Videos of the Studio inspire, amaze, and certainly won`t leave you indifferent.

The Gentleman Scholar website:

7. Golden Wolf 
Eminent Studio from London, whose clients are well-known brands: Nike, Red Bull, Sprite. However, what to say, see for yourself.

Website Golden Wolf:

8. Giant Ant 
Studio Giant Ant is based in Vancouver, and simply amazing for its creative solutions. These guys love their job and do it effectively.

Website Giant Ant:

9. Ash Thorp (Ash Thorpe)
Ashley Livingston Thorpe, without a doubt, a very talented designer, Art Director and Illustrator. Ash specialises in creating UI effects (“Ender’s Game, “Total Recall), worked on the concept and design of the movie “Person of Interest”, “Prometheus”, “X-Men”, “Spider Man 2” and many others. His work has been featured in various publications such as Motionographer, ImagineFX. In addition, Thorpe creates excellent illustrations to films and comics.

Website Ash Thorp:

10. Beeple
You wonder how much talent and perseverance can be in one man named Mike Winkelmann. From every day projects, VJ sketches to elegant illustrations. And all is done by one person — Beeple. He is an example of a challenge to himself and his capabilities, and stunning work — a great source of inspiration for any designer.

Beeple’s website:

Sure, each of you can make your own favorite list of talented guys that you are inspired by and whose work serves as an example for you. And we hope that today in our list, you found something new and discovered something interesting.

Thanks for reading us!

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