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Teamwork Spirit Full of Dribbbling

We share all the time, ideas are flying from one shot to another and it really dribbbles Cadabra`s working process. Be passionate about what you do is possible only when you hear others opinion about your results. More you hear and analyse more you become confident in what you do. Collaborating with new project all of us starts with analyzing our personal portfolio and looking on other profiles. Mixing ideas and finding new partners. One website — tons of bright works.

We are true dribbblers on 100 procents ! Great source of inspiration? More yes, than no.It makes our professional perception wider. Dribbble also helps the customer to understand us better. It is not only a resource for designers, but also for customers and this is so cool! We feel a flood of their opinions! Opinions of people for whom the design is created! Shooting audience with new shots weekly. Ready to check? Go and see what we have done on our profile page!

One day designers world exploded and we started this sharing entropia. Beginners can learn from professionals. Fighting for likes and procrastinating with benefits. Devil`s fun lives in everyone. But being lazy and hanging out in social medias is not the same as hanging out on Dribbble. Dribbbling for us means meeting with new works and diving deep into other designers’ universe, catching their life view features for defining our own style and conquering our own Olimpo.

Ok, let`s jump to the past. The project, which is the common child of Den Sederholm and Rich Tornett, was created in Salem, Massachusetts in 2009 and grew day by day during these 7 years and transformed to designer`s collaboration platform. When you see a good product why not to say that it is really good when it matches your corporative culture and help you to develop successful strategy to make your professional vision wider. You should share and show it to others. This is what happened with Dribbble! Because of common sharing and wise feedbacks.

Future. Today. There is CC language in online reality. Translation, here we go! Collaboration plus communication. Designers from Cadabra team and hundreds of others build this colorful pixels network visible for you. What is secret of good web-art? Being crazy, hungry, but always charged and dribbbled with inspiration!

Thanks for reading us!

Author: Natalie Dziatkovski

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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