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Shuba Design Conference 2017 Impressions And Reflections

05-27-17 Dnipro town was filled with great design discussions! We are talking about Shuba Design Conference. Amazing that nowadays this is so easy to collaborate with each other and get new experience all around the world. The event was organised by Yalantis. Here we wanna share our impressions and features which we have brought from the conference and can be useful for professional development.

First of all! One of the main conclusions is to create the cool design that can be used not only by designers tools but also by other art instruments. For example, photographers tools can be very useful. Because just as we mix colours to create a unique visual solution, we can mix tools and get a whole new effect. And it’s cool!

Secondly! Learning on examples from the web is one, but seeing personal charisma and listening to live speech is another because it has deeper impact on us! By saying this we mean special people Vasjen Katro, Thomas Lichtblau and Thomas Ragger. Guys proved that challenge is a perfect way to educate yourself! Drawing posters every day gives you timing skill, teaches you to do the job in any environment, push your Cinema 4d and Photoshop skills to higher level and gives you thousands of new followers in exponential speed!

Listen to opinion of professionals, who are not related to design world! It means that Dribbble and Behance are great means for sure, but our lovely Insta gives you more objective comments closer to real non-art world of understanding of what you are doing! We design for regular people! Yup? Listen to them!

It`s a huge stereotype that successful project can be implemented only by big companies and during the long period of time. Take it and make it here right now. Put as much effort and attention as you can! Sometimes one working night brings more than 5 days sitting in the office.

Seriously, do you think that only worldwide professionals can make a good list of successful projects? Analyse your experience and write your own based. It will work personally for you! You know some of us write as a top one “Break up with your partner and use free time for work” – radical approach, huh)

Foreign trends look cool in a local country environment, but what if try to use your own past generation of art, redesign and present it in a new way! Globalisation is a trend moving out and usually gets you lost! Focus on inner benefits, dive deeper in making old look brand looks great!

Also, we want to say thanks to Grusha Fun-Cafe for keeping our stomachs happy and Modul Night Club for conceptual afterparty atmosphere!

That’s all!

Conclusion! Onlife meetings format is great! Designer means a creative human being who needs real communication and reaction on his art!

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