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Recent Experience: Designing a Stub with Soul

In todays’s article I want to represent how to make a stub. As an example of a case study I take “Oops”, which I have made for a current project, namely the medical application. Everybody faces with health problems. And we all know, how bad it is to be sick. And all we need is support and understanding. That’s why my stub has a soul in the form of “alive” elements. When I created the stub, I thought it would be great for a person to see a knowing look.


To make a stub for medical application.




Firstly, it was necessary for me to choose a tool. As a weapon, I chose Sketch3. I think, that this is one of the most suitable program for designers. Sketch3 perfectly integrates with many applications that are widely used in our studio, like Invision, Principle and Zeplin. And if you want to make an interface, boldly choose Sketch3. So let’s start.

In Sketch3 I brought into being small element, namely a mailer.

To make it “alive”, I painted mouth and eyes, so it looks more animated.

Then, I aligned all the components and did a compulsive check for “perfect pixel”. Immediately it became clear that something is missing, namely the background.

To make a beautiful and gentle back field I used the tool “circle”, so it looked pretty good.

Then I added a cloud, to make it more attractive to a user. When we use such elements in different stubs, we aspire to similarity in style.

After creating a background, I appended small element. Don’t forget to align it and put in the middle of the background image.

This is how it looks ultimately.

Be creative, because even stubs can cheer up somebody’s mood!

Thanks for reading us! Wish you to have good stubs in your applications and web sites!

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

Authors: Inna Mukha, Alyona Bogdashevskaya.

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