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Pitfalls Of Using Google Guidelines

A website under design is like a ship sailing through the wavy sea of the internet and the captain has to be ready for any unexpected collision, no matter the problem. The term “guidelines” may sound very helpful, indeed friendly, but not all that glitters are gold.

We will now touch upon some of the most common mistakes waiting for you in Google guidelines.

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1. Even if you use the guidelines properly your design can loose personal style. All your inspiration will become locked into the frameworks.

2. Using guides alone won’t lead to a good UX just like that, because they cannot cover the macro branch of UX logic of user experience.

3. If you want your design to solve a business problem — first turn to your business goals and then you can use the guidelines. For example, Trello boards are personalized solutions.

4. Option overload — your users will get totally lost while trying to navigate for a certain page or app function. The design must be streamlined! And you, dear designer, must think ahead like a guide leading big groups of blind tourists.

5. Remember that they will not ensure optimized preformance (speed etc.). There are too many factors which can overload it.

6. Guidelines are checked but not always optimal or maintained. Habitual gestures and elemental thinking are certainly good. But if you want to go somewhere and create a breakthrough in your design, you will have to use non-standard solutions.

7. Let’s be clear if your idea is bad — no guidelines will help you!

8. Guidelines are theoretical. When it comes to actual practice, during creating a stunning design, even the ones who write the rules, violate them.

Invision is great example of it.

Google guidelines are meant to help you when starting out, they rely on sensor feelings, in contrast to the free structure of the IOS guidelines. The authors of the design themselves may be caught in their own jammed up frameworks full of excessive restrictions. If your design is devoid of brand identity the output of your design process won’t be interesting.

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