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Overcoming Fears of the Customer

It is natural for human being to have fears of failure. When clients and designers just meet each other everybody feels a bit of constrained. But at the same time, these feelings go away so quickly as soon as you start to understand each other. What is important is to move forward positively. This approach doesn’t work all the time, sometimes this feeling leads you during all project. We would like to share with you our own experience how to make a process of collaboration much pleasurable for both parties.

The first thing that comes to mind is a satisfaction of the awakened artistic thirst of the customer, and making the design that he wants. We do have our all realization and quality control approach. It stands on a collaboration of all team members. From the first step – research and creation of documentation with competitive analysis. Why it’s so important? If you want to succeed, you need to know what will differ your app from competitors. Next stage is discussing project details with a designer. Our team takes into account all the requirements and make them better. Firstly, it’s important to create the completely understandable user experience. We make UX in gray color with the purpose not to disturb from the main flow of the app. UI part is defined on first two screens in order to determine the style of the app. During the whole collaboration, both sides stay in touch and timely feedback makes the process better. It is important for us to get one hundred percents of understanding on first stages, so in the future, the process of creation will go smoothly. We take into account all the requirements and extend with the purpose to make the best product. We always feel responsible for the project we work on. Idea generation must be provided with our attention and being ready to react on the client question non-stop. This bright interaction always brings us good results.

Most customers have hidden fears. What types of fear do they experience? What’s the specific fear-angle?

-Fear of financial loss.

-Fear of breaking deadline.

-Fear of being associated with a disreputable company or brand.

-Fear of a first-time experience.

-Fear of being disappointed with the final result.

-Fear that future clients will not like the design product.

To overcome fears you need to think about finding the solution. Fear naturally requires a solution. At this point we know that fear is real, we know that it trips customers up. So, what do we do about it? The best way to deal with fear is to have a strong organized method. Don’t just “try to overcome it.” We have some cases:

-Every client always comes with his own idea. Usually, we take it and communicate with each other during week creating some solution variations. It has to be a personal way which is based on human being features. Sometimes it even means will it be girl designer or boy- designer. We assign for the client a professional designer who feels free in the project area.

-Today there are 2.8 million apps for Android users and 2.2 million available apps in Apple’s App Store. So it is really hard task to create an absolutely unique product. At the same time, there is no reason to create a new project without a business idea and quality difference. We are looking for specific improvement and convenience based on users intuition and implement it in our design.

-When you make a deal with the client who just came to understanding what is a good design it is important to adapt all difficult information and make it easy to take. Your professional language needs to be available for accepting. Surely such person will try to check every step of the process and it is a natural human feature, so we appreciate it and give as much communication as we can.

-Of course, the future client also can be aware in the design industry. For us, it means that we do present him competencies of our team and become guides in this fascinating journey through UX, UI, and development and lead him step by step.

-Testing is our everything. It is the best insurance from all problems that can appear at the end of the developing process. To fix a small problem is always better and easier than to fix a big bug. So our process of creation is split into small blocks and we have testing control of each one.

Of course, each separate situation will be accompanied by different circumstances and you will never guess the nature of your future customer. So each new design project is kind of challenge for us. With right solutions and wide regular communication, we grow and move forward!

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