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One Day With Cadabra. Happy 2 Years Anniversary Studio Tour.

We have just turned  2 years and happy to share with you that it feels amazing! So much happened to us and so much changed. But we are here with our audience still keeping growing cool designers and making web-space better. You know, as every design studio we do have secrets and now we will tell you. Ready? Nothing happens without magic. And we are not an exception. We do not have magic sticks but we do have the power to create the cool design on our laptops, we have Cadabra`s  vision and we know how to animate paper sketches in a web. Isn’t it magic? We guess it is!



Come closer and join our perfect working day, why are you standing in the doorway? As soon as you step in you will feel like at home!  Do you want to see what’s going on here, in our creative studio? Just one normal (or maybe not) day in our world.

9:40 am. Let the work begins. As you see, all our members come to the bright and cosy office. We all get together in a good mood with big perspectives for a week and life. You know it is hard sometimes to separate friendship communication from corporative communication rules. But we do! These two years taught us how to be productive together and how to respect other`s opinion.




10:00 am. Come here and you will see the whole team in a conference room on a brainstorming. Lida has just parked her iron friend and still wears her cool bike gloves, Mary is sharing the last book she has read, “Methods of Rationality”, so great to improve your thinking! Olya is telling cool stories about latest web innovations! She is so futuristic and helps us be on trend! Igor is doing tech support and helps Xena install the new app for animation, Eugene just puts a new bottle in water cooler, oh girls-girls, how can we survive without men hands.

You know it seems so easy, all this. But one plus one these simple moves create strong collaboration connection.  We all discuss our plans for a day/week, current and upcoming projects. And of course, we dream. And you know, we dream really big. Come here, but promise, you’ll keep our dreams in secret:)




11:10 am. Oh, two of our designers discussing something really interesting, because their faces reflect their emotions and thoughts. Maybe a new project? What do you think? Lets ask them. Oh, I think I know. One of our designers did a workshop concerning Sketch. Yeah, they are still under the impression.



1:30 pm. Everybody’s working. But did you notice, that every person comes for advice to another? Yep, that’s a team. I guess Eugene broke a cup 🙂 Oops. For luck 🙂 Everything happens.

2:00 pm. Let`s go with us. It is lunch time! We prefer Pizza and Sushi. But some of us are really strong with desire always look amazing. Sooo! We also love healthy food! We believe, that success comes to that company, which has a friendly team. Food time is a perfect one for interesting conversations. That’s why we all have a break together. Do you hear? We are talking about fashion, new design tendencies, movies and even love. Our relations don’t restrict in work.




3:00 pm. English hour :)) Yeaaaah! We all love that hour. You can speak English with us 🙂 Let me explain, what we are trying to achieve. But I think you’ve already realised. You’re right. Excellent skills. We want our designers to keep their knowledge.

4:30 pm. I see Kate in the corner pouffe chilling and creating a new stylish shot. Oh, and this is Inna, so pretty in her new dress, nestling on a swing. As you see, every person can move all around the office. Free in motion. You can actually sit here, in pouffe as well. Ideas come in different places. The main thing is to feel completely comfortable.



5:15 pm. Weird, but too quiet. Oh, let’s go. Yeah, I was right. Most of our designers are concentrating on their projects. As you see, it’s almost the end of the day, so they need to finish everything on time. Our managers Ksusha, Sasha, Alyona and Nata are listening to cool music and helping everyone to work productive, build nice relationship with customers and make everything interesting that happens onlife to appear online on our social media profiles!



5:45 pm. Oksi and Stacy are our team lead and art director. They inspire, support us and say that good rest is a part of good work calling everyone for evening coffee break with some sweets. What is a good work without coffee, cookies and chocolate? Jokes, smiles and compliments are flying around!

8:59 pm. Almost. A few minutes and the day ends. We hope you had a good day with us, we are free and young, ready and open for everything new! Evening has just begun, we do plan a party.  It is time to say! See you tomorrow!

Best regards! Cadabra team!


Dream big. Everything starts from dreams! 🙂 Thank you for your imagination. Want to read more?

Waiting for you tomorrow 🙂

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.


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