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MyU the app Students Shouldn’t Live Without

You will hardly find a student who does not use innovative gadgets today. Technology and education don’t have to be kept separate — combining interactive technology with educational materials has been proven to help learning. But learning is only a part of school years, another important thing is better communication.

Communication technology makes everything (well, almost everything) about being a student easier, from being in the right place at the right time and handing in work punctually to keeping track of your finances and coordinating a thriving social life.

We want to share our impressions of working on MyU application. It combines the features of twitter and whatsapp, bringing school communication to a whole another level. An award-winning school communication and announcement app allows users no matter who they are: students, faculty or club members, get in touch with all members of the school community in easy way. We have defined several reasons why this app is going to be a MUST!:)

Communication in real-time and sharing easily makes classes more mobile, social, interactive, and fun!

There is no need to share your phone number. Privacy is a top priority!

You will never ever miss important school information. MyU will instantly notify you about all relevant updates!

Teaching several classes being a part of each class community. MyU gives you full control over creating your groups, managing their privacy and controlling your notification preferences.

Overall we have to admit that our communication while school and university years would be much more efficient, quick and enjoyable, if MyU was on the market … years ago:)

MyU we want BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

You don`t need to wait long to download this app cause it is almost ready to make your school life easier. New design is going to be implemented in the nearest future but you can download “MyU” right now and wait a bit for the update.

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