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Most popular tags for UI-UX designer

Recently, our team has faced an interesting thing. While loading another shot on dribbble, and entering several tags as usual, we realised that this tool might be used more effectively and we started our own examination. There are loads of articles devoted to significance of “correct” hashtags and their usage, but further on we are going to talk about targeted tags, specific for design environment.

What searches are oftener used by our potential customer? What does he want to see? And the most important one, what do we designers need to add to our portfolio?

Fortunately, dribbble provides an open access to the list of frequently used tags, so we have studied this information and arranged it into logical groups. Our review deals with the most used tags in UI/UX design. In the following review, we will give examples of these popular tags and in brackets indicate the number of requests.

Basically, customer searches a mobile application for iOS (android as well, but much less frequently) or Web often marked as “responsive”.

app (82 496)

web (62 577)

ios (54 835)

website (54 315)

iphone (53 700)

mobile (37 350)

Responsive (18 261)

Dashboard (11 731)

It is really important to take into consideration the trends in design, as they will for sure reflect the preferences of our customer, so he emphasizes that it has to #simple #flat #clean style.

flat (63 187)

clean (36 541)

minimal (31 540)

simple (27 371)

Nowadays the popularity of animated shots is obvious. They change the perception from “what a nice shot design” to “what a cool app design”. Besides, animated shot makes the customer imagine his own project on its place.

animation (38 485)

GIF (28 028)

Regarding color preferences, we list the most popular colors from a larger to a smaller number of requests.

Blue (49 573)

Green (29520)

Red (29 235)

Black (28 270)

White (25 811)

Yellow (16 424)

Pink (12 074)

Purple (8 525)

Brown (6 663)

And last but not least, a lot of users are looking for the topics like food, health, social networking, business, and of course shopping.

Food (16 858)

Navigation (12 940)

Map (12 832)

Blog (11 558)

Photo (10 324)

Sports (10 060)

Social (10 050)

Template (9 355)

Profile (8 249)

Travel (8 214)

Business (7 787)

Shop (7 565)

Ecommerce (7 440)

Personal (7 015)

Twitter (6 796)

Home (6 707)

House (6 167)

Corporate (5 363)

Cards (5 140)

Slider (5 074)

Building (5 052)

Event (4 644)

Heath (4 315)

We hope this information was useful and you will reach your targeted customer. And remember, it is important to tag your work properly from the very beginning, while it is still hanging in the category “new”.

This is our debut on Medium and we will keep on sharing useful and interesting information, based on our personal experience and our team’s small discoveries in creation of mobile and web application design.

Thank your for reading us!

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