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Harmful Tips: How To Lose Your Team In 5 Steps

Business communication is a crucial part of any successful project. UX/UI design, development or consulting – you name it. Expressing your goals and concerns to the team is as vital as learning how to engage with your workplace and fulfilling the client’s tasks correctly. But what’s even more important is to determine your flaws and fix them.

In our new series of articles called ‘Harmful Tips’ we’ll address issues for different parties of IT communication chain: from clients to developers; from project managers to designers. Every week we’ll highlight the most common mistakes we all make using reverse psychology: what is wrong will be presented as right. A bit of humor and wealthy criticism can definitely improve our business environment.

This week’s article is devoted to some of the common mistakes clients make while communicating with IT companies.

Disclaimer: High level of irony and sarcasm. Be warned.

Tip #1

Dream big! Only you know how the best software in the market should look and operate. If you need the team of experts, choose those you can trust. Rather than consulting hired professionals, first ask for expert opinions from your friends, grandparents and fellow subway passengers, why not. Sure, they might not be apt in the topic you need, but hey, at least they don’t depend on your money, right?


Tip #2

Take a look at the websites and products you like, whose leadership you admire. And do the opposite. Who needs blind following? Be original, be a rebel. You are a mastermind, so be a master and rely solely on your mind. Even when you lack professional efficiency. It’s just a matter of attitude and opinions.


Tip #3

Any collaborations with a contractor seems a lot like a real relationship you would have with your significant other. To ensure the best project experience with your team, you should definitely keep a low profile on what bothers you, to the extenct that you agree with everything your team offers you. Never complain! Whether you like it or not – keep it to yourself, that’s what strengthens relations. If you feel disapproval becomes a burden and the project is too far from what you initially had in mind – leave. There’s nothing worse than explaining or trying to save something that has already gone off the rails. Should your team ask for the true reasons of your leaving, after some time, you may reveal them, complain about every step of the project. For a certain closure.


Tip #4

The easiest way to set up communication with your team is… you guessed it – communicate. As often as possible. But hey, who needs boring business talk, details of the project and design adjustments, while it can be such a fun to cover unrelated topics for hours: politics, time travel, snapchat updates. Sure, as a space holder, you might as well come back to routine, development issues. Do not hesitate to repeat same things over and over – it will bring meaning to your skype calls and won’t ever interfere with projects schedule!


Tip #5

Commitment. Every serious job is about it. However, it depends which side you’re on. The contractor’s team, which should fulfil their obligations, not the other way round. So why don’t you put it in the contract, providing a thorough description of team’s every move, time frames and results expected. Every member has to be aware – what they’re doing is top priority. You’re the boss, you’re the master of the situation. The only obligation you have is to chill and watch your dream come true.

All illustrations: Marina Parhomenko

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