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Harmful Tips: How To Lose Your Team In Another 5 Steps

In our series of articles called ‘Harmful Tips’ we continue addressing issues for different parties of IT communication chain: from clients to developers; from project managers to designers. We highlight the most common mistakes we all make using reverse psychology: wrong is presented as right. A bit of humor and wealthy criticism can definitely improve our business environment.

This week’s article is devoted to some of the common mistakes clients make communicating with their team.

Disclaimer: High level of irony and sarcasm detected. Be warned.

Tip #1

To bring dynamics into a project’s routine, add some mystery and abruptness to your communication with the team. Become elusive for PMs, ignore messages from designers. Disappear for a week, a month or so. Nothing motivates your team more than a constant wondering about their future, overthinking the best way to finish the project without any updates and follow-ups. This ambiguity bonds you with every member of the team.

Tip #2

Another wonderful and useful tip to motivate your team – investor meetings. Everyone understands the importance of shareholders’ approval. Your project is always a risk, you will have to take. However, wouldn’t it be fair to share it with the people, who are actually responsible for every feature and design element: your team? Don’t hesitate to redirect any complaints to developers, designers and PM’s. There’s no need to keep shareholders constantly updated, as they are busy enough not to care. You might as well demonstrate an early version of software prototype. Who cares? In case someone does – redirect all the questions to your team.

Tip #3

It’s all about the looks. Regardless of the backend, frontend and UI is everything user cares about. No matter how complicated the app structure is, always insist upon starting with animation. It’s the future, it’s what meets the eye. If at some point animation becomes irrelevant to app’s final ecosystem – so be it, there’s always time to start from scratch. What are the odds it will happen?


Never choose a simple path. It’s the complicated way that always brings maximum joy and desired result. Simple solutions never satisfy. Any genius design or invention is too complex to obtain. For instance, shoelaces – they are way too hard to handle and almost perfect in their purpose. Make your project shoe-laced – your app is a labyrinth of thought. Of course, your team will not appreciate it, but thousands of users will!

Tip #5

Respect is everything. Respect is power. Don’t be scared to show it to your team! They should always be aware – you are the master. You are the money, you know more. If anything, at any stage goes wrong, or slightly different from what you’d expect – rain down with fire and fury like a boss you are. Be crude, be loud. Little insult never hurt nobody. But it’s necessary if you want to be heard and understood. Real motivation is not about compromises.

All illustrations: Marina Parhomenko

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