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Harmful Tips: How To Stop Caring And Start Hating Design

In our new series of articles called ‘Harmful Tips’ we address issues for different parties of IT communication chain: from clients to developers; from project managers to designers. We highlight the most common mistakes we all make using reverse psychology: what is wrong will be presented as right. A bit of humor and wealthy criticism can definitely improve our business environment.

This week’s article is devoted to some of the common mistakes designers make while communicating with clients and work environment.

Disclaimer: High level of irony and sarcasm detected. Be warned.


Tip #1

Sky is the limit. There are no tasks you cannot fulfill. At least that’s what you tell your clients to impress and motivate them. Add some value to your professional image: promises are the key to a sustainable business. Obviously, not all of them will be kept, but it’s the overall effort and eloquence that count. Moreover, while your unrealistic plans are yet to be implemented, the project is held ‘hostage’ by your company. What a clever way to keep your client by your side!

Tip #2

Every designer has a dream project. The one to become titular work and the greatest achievement. Don’t you have one – a design to be proud of? Sure you do. Once you reach this height of your art, your Mona Lisa of UI/UX – use it as a template for every future work you lay your hands upon. Whether you prototype an app or draw a new animation feature – your ideal UX from years ago should be the copied in entirety.

Tip #3

Working hard is not about how much time you spend to reach the desired result. It’s about happiness and healthy attitude to your job. Sadly enough not all of the clients share the same views on time management. Reassure them you’ll work for 8 hours per day on the project – they shouldn’t know that you come to work at 12 pm and leave at 3.


Workplace can sometimes be a hostile environment for your professional activity. Too many distractions drive you away from balance and become real obstacles for effective work. Did you know that your productivity decreases by 20% with every 2 ft you move your desk farther from the window? Don’t let anything stand on your way to completing your tasks – demand as much sunlight as your company can give you!

Tip #5

Design shouldn’t involve any excessive communication. Who likes long and tiresome discussions over the project specs and technical details? Any updates can be implemented with a brief message, requiring something as complex as ‘okay’. Especially, if your English proficiency make you a perfect listener, yet an awful companion. Should your client be a skype-caller, to avoid any misunderstanding (or cases of a barely understanding client’s speech) – learn just three words ‘sorry, bad connection’. These magic words will get you out of any inconvenient communication over skype or telephone and bring you back on track with your project.

All illustrations: Marina Parhomenko

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