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Game Addicted? See Benefits!

A few years ago, a scientist from the University of Trent in Nottingham Mark Griffiths decided to find out what benefits games can bring. Scientist Robin Rosenberg from Stanford University came to the same conclusion in California. The scientist conducted a study, during which it was possible to find out that games develop self-confidence. According to the scientist, “when you win the game, you feel good — and this raises your self-esteem.” The results of the research showed that games in which people play the role of superheroes help to be more useful to society in real life.

Gamers should thank for improving their level of English. World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Dota 2 and other action games and shooters contribute to the popularization of the English language. Moreover, games often use spoken language with expressions and words that are not present either in general school or in university programs.

Games are the source of new knowledge. The poll of the founders of the popular games showed that players became more interested in military history, including tank building, due to which they began visiting museums and thematic exhibitions more often. And, importantly, not alone, but together with their spouses and children. Games develop creativity and imagination. Carrying out various tasks, finding possible ways of solving set tasks, a person develops his creative thinking and ability to think outside the framework.

Dota 2 players believe that “strategic and tactical games develop global thinking, you pay more attention to detail”. For people of creative professions of the game — at times, a source of inspiration, like music, books, films. And still, in our case, a team game is an extra reason to communicate with friends with whom it is not always geographically possible to maintain regular communication. Shooters and action games — a great way to throw out the negative and aggression. Gaming helps you to be distracted from problems, and with the accumulation of aggression and negativity in real life — this is an excellent opportunity to splash it virtually.

Last weekends there was going championship on Dota 2. The main trophy of the Kiev Major was named Reaver and is a copy of one of the artifacts from Dota 2. Fight for Reaver, as well as for a huge cash reward, in Kiev there will be 16 teams from Europe, China, Singapore, USA, Brazil and the Philippines. Pretty wide, agree? It shows that gaming becomes kind of professional sport. More respectation to yourself now? If you play you are also a part of global eSport`s trend!

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Author: Natalie Dziatkovski

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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