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Let`s make a prediction that there are four from five designers who will listen to the music during working process. Okey now we have our own statistic and can lead this conversation. Too many reasons of this phenomena being real are existed. And it is not just a form of relaxation. Music and design have deep connection and we will discover the roots together.

Think! In music world the same like in design world every new product has to be unique. What it will be if great record label can make money writing similar songs one by one. Music should be hot it should blow our imagination and trigger our feelings the same with design. Everything should be original but it does not mean that you can not take inspiration from the old forms and recreate a wheal.

Communication is the fundament of successful results and it is actually fundamental of well human being. In all these areas music or design are so important to share, express and rightly recognize emotions! If there is no emotional connection it is sad. It is no reason for new product to exist. While designing and making music we try to make connection with totally unknown people. Transferring deep messaging and hoping that it will resonate with souls and hearts. So there are just tiny part of big massive connection. You see ! It exists!

So what`s going on in your mind and what energy goes through your hands when you are designing and listening to the music at the same time! Music can be medicine, it can rise your emotional state when you feel low and help you to be more productive. Also when you need something to be on your wave and to coincide with your feeling songs become your best friends. Use this magic sound tool and create awesome design! Find your own music stream and follow it.

Our team also love music time and it really connects us during working process. Music makes our collaboration feel easier and fun, it gives us one mood tone and matches our energies. Here we go! Our team want to share with you our top 10 songs which are the best for working atmosphere.

Pharell– Marylin Monroe

Calvin Harris — Stars Come Out

Chet Faker — I’m Into You

M83 — Do It, Try It

N.E.R.D. — She Wants To Move

Nicolas Jaar — And I Say

Chet Faker — To Me

Milky Chance — Flashed Junk Mind

M.I.A — Paper Planes

Foals — My Number

If you are interested in tech and love being in trend we also want to show some cool Kickstarter musical projects that we find successfully implemented in daily working life.


Twins Bluetooth Speaker Set: Portable Stereo Sound

They are just an incredible, so portable minimalistic and light. No wires! You can easily connect this Stereo System to any device and enjoy favourite songs everywhere. Sharkk Labs Team is a crew of cool young creators who do care about social problems and transfer part of profits money to social needs. Nothing special but doing simple good actions directed to care we are responsible to create product which will be able to care too. So check these guys startup.

Creating music with steps? Why not! Look!

Use any object as a drumkit! Play & record drums everywhere

Just put these devices on your snickers and feel yourself as a futuristic drummer. By using this soft you can create your own personalized lessons session, record and export them to electronic format easily and quickly. Just two clicks and notes are in your smartphone in less than 30 sec! Surely except legs you can use regular sticks! Do you already feel this itchiness in your hands?

Listen! A sound is not just a sound it is a complete deep sensational feeling of a clear joy!

The World’s First Motion Simulator Headphones StringPad

Power of motion power of music universe! Wear these modern headphones and dive deep to all keys and registers. Every song will become unique universe where you will escape urban noise and feel the connection with music! Listening to music with String Pad headphones, it’ll be as if you’re in the concert hall with the performers staying on one stage! The TDM Amplifier has an incorporated Li-Polymer battery pack to power the transducers and it can also be used as an external power bank to charge your smartphone, iPod, tablet etc. Perfect!

Now you are refilled of music inspiration so go and create good design! It was the reason to you to read these article feel that you are responsible! Yes we believe you are! We all need a motivation and kick from friend sometimes! Yup!

Play music louder and have a good work!

Best wishes! Cadabra team!

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