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Dribbble Launched Mobile App

Summer 2017 began with the new mobile app from Dribbble. Now we have only IOS version but even it makes us happy. And this is so great because in active season we, designers need to be portable and have a quick access to our workspace. So after reading these news we did not waste our time, installed an app on our phones and started to test it. The first impression is really good. The app looks like a short social media to search for inspiration.

First of all, the application is dedicated to viewing the shots. There is nothing extra, like on the site: information about meetups, search for designers, vacancies and live broadcasts. Minimalistic approach works well. Only pictures, like in Instagram. Yes, you can can still add a new shot only with the desktop. We think this is the right decision, shown that the concept of Dribbble implies deliberate graphic work, not a photo.

The whole application is sharpened for easy viewing of the content. The application is organised with the help of a tab bar, and what is nice, you can customise these tabs individually, by going to the last tab. For example, Dribbble carried two separate sections — gif and rebounds as partial categories and it’s very cool!

One interesting feature — turning the screen, you will go into a special mode of reviewing shots, where the project will be shown almost in a full screen mode, with a brief statistic nearby and an interesting parallax effect of moving the picture to spy on the author’s name. Nice!

However, it will probably be better if we add to this mode an icon as well which is showing whether there is an attachment to this work.

Also, this mode does not always work correctly, for example, going to the studio’s profile and selecting a designer, we see not his particular work, but the work of the studio. Hopefully, this will be done soon because the regime is really useful.

One more feature — in the usual portrait mode of viewing, there are two ways to display an information — it can be shown as one card with all information, or as tiles without information.

The second option of displaying shots is especially convenient to collect “likes” correctly, and not on the principle of “snowball”, when people evaluate that shots which had been appreciated more by other. So we really like this mode.

Profile of the designer. The first surprise — it is displayed in different ways, depending on where you come from. Here on left side there is the profile of our team member Oksana, which we open by switching from her work. On right side there is the same page where we are going to it from our followers.

Let’s discuss the first situation, we don’t see her work at once it is sad, statistics can show the popularity of a person, but even a junior with a couple of works can be very interesting and creative. The semi-transparent last work on the cover of the profile makes it difficult to understand what’s inside. It is actually interesting to see who subscribed to us and what level of work they have. We are all curious people. In the second option, everything is fine. But statistics for a person is not visible here.

The reason for this separation is not obvious. It would be optimal to keep the profile with the works display, but with the ability to look at the statistics somewhere on a separate page.

Speaking about followers, they are displayed in a list, without indicating the work. The web version, and even mobile, in this sense is a little bit better. It’s not so important how many followers the user has, but it is nicer to see people who are following him.

Also, going into someone else’s profile, there is no possibility to see his work on popularity, which is very convenient. In the application, we see them only in the order of freshness.

In general, watching any work, it is clear that this application is useful. It is a bit difficult to get from the first time tap to the right zone and open the author’s name or project. In mobile version, it is implemented better.

It can always be opened by clicking on the Safari button at the top right inside the application on the work page.

What is great is that we can immediately share the work with someone.

But if you want to see work with similar colours, it will not work in the application and it will transfer you into the mobile version.

A bit sad that we can not respond to comments to a particular person just by pressing “reply” instead we have to tape “@nameoftheuser”. Instagram has solved this issue for a long time by muting messages and it is easy to use. It would be great to introduce this if not as a button, then, perhaps, having engaged a long tap or 3D-touch.

By the way, about the force: the guys used it for a 3D-touch on the application icon for quick access to the functionality.

And also quickly view gif pictures directly from the tape is cool, the application supports split screen settings for iPad — great job.

In general, summing up, let’s say that for the first release Dribbble got quite a good application. To fix things a little and add personal statistics will be done when guys will collect the first real data and that’s for sure. The same as it is now — does not completely replace the site, but it is comfortable enough for a quick search and is great for active designers who immediately need a dose of inspiration.

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Thanks to  Olga Barkova for professional support.

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