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Correct Tasking is a Correct Result

What customer needs to know about the process and stages of work in design agency.

Designers are creative people, give them their head and they will get down to your application. In other words, if you have an idea, but don’t see how to implement taking into account all its subdivisions and niceties, for an experienced designer the only idea is enough. That is designer who has to orientate you and propose you a user flow scenario, based on its key possibilities. In case if you are sure of what you want to get at the end, you should share this information with designer (better to hand it over in a written form, structuring all thoughts, without loosing a single one), so that he doesn’t take up the running, as your opinions on the final product may differ on the start. We should make sure that we are on the same wavelength.

After discussion of the project’s idea, the stage of UX begins. This stage must not be neglected, as depending on it this application will either be used or not. Designers create static prototypes, that bear the scenario of user interaction. The aim of the prototypes is to detect the cons without looking aside to graphic part of the project. That is why prototypes are most often done black and white, using stubs instead of graphic content and text. Sometimes customers ask to implement corrections to UI part, i. g. change icons, insert original text from website. But the most important thing that has to be emphasized is user flow, correct switching-over the screens and logically linked sections.

After the second stage is over, it is great to make it alive, do the prototypes clickable. There are a lot of resources where it can be done (InVision App, Marvel etc.) and then you can download your prototype. It will look like a primitive mobile application and on its example the customer can see how it works on the device. Depending on complexity of the app (number of screens) clickable prototypes can take from 4hours to 2days, but they worth it. The clickable prototypes can be shown to friends, colleagues and investors. They look more presentable than a big number of screens with arrows and transitions on one artboard, as on the static prototype.

After the clickable prototypes are ready, it will be good to test them on the target audience. Sometimes customer has his own focus group. If it doesn’t exist it’s better when agency takes this responsibility. At least 5–7 people not working on the project test the application and give their feedback.

Now when we are sure that every single detail is taken into account and user scenario is clear — it’s time to work on UI part. Ideally two screens that user chooses are taken first and on their basis the visualization is made: the color scheme, shapes of the main elements and fonts. After the company’s style is set and these 2 screens are approved the next stage starts.

Depending on customer’s wish, after the graphic part is accomplished, designers might make another clickable prototype. It is made in case if investor needs to see how the product with ready-made design will look like when the programming part is going to start later. In any case it always depends on customer’s wish.

Also if it was discussed, designers provide slicing of UI elements (buttons, icons and other custom elements).

When the project is accomplished, both sides should make sure that all of the original materials were provided to customer and save as many materials as possible which deal with functional of the application, as it will be very helpful for developers.

Any self-respecting design agency will answer to suddenly appeared questions, as keeping in touch within month after delivery of the project — is an attribute of friendly manner and professional approach.

Choose a good design agency and listen to the experts’ opinion, as nobody teaches a dentist how to cure teeth correctly sitting in a patient’s chair. Instead patients are talking about their sensations and listen attentively to doctor’s recommendations. People, who love their job and it is a part of their existense will never do anything bad. The most important is to find specialists.

To sum up we would like to say that Cadabra Studio is always happy to collaborate with good people with creative ideas. Our mission and goal is to help startups, emphasizing their main business idea, that will make each application special and unique.

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