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Collaboration Of Design And Photography

Did you know that people need only 8 seconds to evaluate your product based on the information you are uploading? This means that you have only one attempt to make a good impression, and most importantly here is the visual appearance of your startup. It leads to question what can provide user with great first opinion? The answer is here! Photo, you are right!

Ideally, your team must have a designer that helps you to work with visual content. Startup may not be able to support a strategy for visual content, if you do not have designer who will support all business and marketing activities with visual materials. As a consequence, aesthetics can greatly suffer.

Many web and graphic designers use photography as a hobby, and some even offer both design and photography services to customers. Photo can be one of the most significant factors involved in design quality. For web designers specifically, layout and balance are great priorities. While photography and design are separate they do share some of the same artistic “rules”, and learning more about photographic composition can also help you with design.

The importance and influence of color bring common approach between photography and design. Designers are very familiar with color theory in their design work. This experience and understanding pictures, and most of all, can even teach you more and improve understanding of color with your creative adventures.

If you actively participate in shooting your photos and improve the quality as you learn and get more experience, it is possible that in some situations you can use your own photos. You will reduce your dependence on a cliche of photos from photobanks.

This April is going to bring new wave of photoinspiration and photocollaboration with Batumi Photo Days 2017 Festival.

Project took part in Biggggidea crowdfunding platform and succeed very quickly. Odessa Batumi Photo Days — an international festival in Ukraine, which aims to create a free educational platform for photographers and bring all creative activists on the international market. We think it is a great opportunity for designers to jump into world of photography and learn from professionals. We are the only one on Earth who can use our abilities and develop inner skills. Learning, doing and than learning again. Repeat wisely. Ready for creating your photo portfolio? Go with us!

Thanks for reading us!

Photocredits to Brooke Lark.

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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