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Can We Measure Good Design

Everything depends on how you define a term “design”. If your definition is simple for its aesthetic value, then it will be quite subjective, as you indicated.

We define design as a comprehensive term that covers everything from aesthetic value to functionality and ease of use. In the world of online design, you can certainly measure it by tactile feelings. In fact, the creativity is constantly being checked on each other all the time to determine which discs are most converted. This is a combination of how the product looks, and how it interacts with the user. A winning balanced combination will give you the “best” design.

There are some questions which we usually ask ourselves. What impression will the user get from using your product? Will he enjoy working with it? Will it be easy to use?According to these criteria he makes a general impression about the website and decides whether he will use it in the future or not. A successful UX design should reflect everything so that the answer to all the above questions is “yes.” A successful UI design should bring you esthetique pleasure, inspiration and pack customer`s ideas into useful web-shapes.

“Good design is a good business,” once said Thomas Watson, president of IBM. To build a good business you need to evaluate, measure and plan, including “design” in your plan. Design management has been deciding issues of assessing the contribution of design to the business process for decades. Some of the companies succeed, for example, Google or P & G — internal statistics on projects, successes and failures, together with the designer for several weeks, to draw conclusions about what the results brought the design.

Entrepreneurs started to realize role of design in their business not a long time ago. There is no mathematical formula for calculating, of course. And yet, is it possible to “measure” the usefulness of design? Summarizing experience, research and practice give you the main keys. Everyone has a unique vision: customer brings an idea, designer carries it out and user likes it. Good result means that all three creative vectors are directed in one direction. We take this as 3D model “ DO DRIVEN DESIGN !”.

At the start of an exam, a student openly wondered, “But Professor Einstein, this is the same exam question as last year!” To which the great man supposedly replied, “Correct, young man, but we need to find new answers.” Great design possibly will give answers on all users questions, but at the same time will leave free space for your imagination.

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Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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