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Cadabra Internship Reflections

What is an education in our half native half virtual reality? The answer is innovation. First of all, when it comes to getting professional skills in IT sphere we have to ask: “What is a final point and how fast I want to get there?” A huge new array of information is formed every second. It is enough to see how much information the world produces every second. So until we have no approach to import it to our brain like in science fiction movies let’s use the most effective tool named internship.

For our studio, effective learning is the main driven factor of growth. We educate ourselves every day by trying to do everything better, educate each other by giving healthy criticism and nice comments. Web design is a logical art. Here the designer is not an artist. So when we decided to organize an internship we knew that we have to teach our interns to form ideas into the constructive projects.

Of course, promotion worked and stimulated us. But the main reason was to find new real talented students and collaborate with them with the purpose of reaching common goals. UX mindset is very complicated. It includes listening to the customer questions and finding a constructive way. Our students got a challenge and chance to open new themselves. They did not sleep enough, ate enough. Probably they even got a coffee overdose. What did they get? What did we get from Cadabra Internship? Here is the brief of our experience.

Olga Barkova and Lidia Demidenko, our tutors share their impression:

– the internship is an approach to look at student’s implementation of tasks given by you

– we wanted our interns to be like a filter and pass through themselves all new knowledge and experience.

– we orientated on material guides because they are easier to understand on the first stage of becoming the web designer and there are more possibilities to test the product on Android.

– there was no special attention to professional instruments and programs, students were free to use all tools but what we did a lot with them it is prototyping and brainstorming, creating app’s plot and attentive features developing.

– drawing is the next stage

– we pushed ourselves out of the comfort zone and shared this zone with our students. We made it feel cozy. Challenging brings real pleasure in the end of the process.those who told you that web designer is the introvertive profession is a liar. We communicated so much. All design process based on high communication skills. So we cultivated it in our students.

–  we had a task where students had to find information about the audience of bike riding app. The goal was to define age and interests of potential riders. Let’s say that common mistake was asking close friends and not trying to push the poll out to the unknown audience spots. Finally, one intern broke the pattern that only young people are searching for the company to hang out and ride together. Middle age is 40+. Yes! When you are young it is easier to find a partner. We go beyond the stereotypes being sociologist psychologist and researcher. It is also a huge part of design creation and we tried as much as we can to imply it in our students understanding of the process.

– Ok, it is time to say that we are satisfied. Choosing from so many people we picked the right one and had strong collaboration effect, got new experience, understood that we can lead. It is very important to have such a professional skill to recognize potential. Hire characters — grow skills. This rule works very well and we have something to add. This is a key element of the truly good education process. The factor is speed. You have to find people who have it, those who are ready to learn are always on top.

– we got that the criticism is a very powerful instrument and you have to use it consciously. Do not become personal. Estimate current task and work approach, but not a temper and your personal opinion about particular human.

– there is kind of questions which you can get answers only from your tutor. At the same time, there is a big amount of them having answers in google. So when you want your student to learn more effectively do not give to them all keys and professional secrets. Send them to free floating — give them this feeling of the danger and curiosity.

The internship is finished. Now it’s time for them to go and do their best. Web Development is not just about getting new skills but more about proper implementation and finding the own professional niche. Our teaching process had one big feature — we based it on practice and real tasks, namely 70 wireframes with prototypes and UI. Why not? We gave this final task and they did it. We are still proud and moving to new goals!

Thanks to everyone who took a part in Cadabra Internship!

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