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Building Trust Inside the Team

Have you ever managed people who didn’t trust each other? If you have, then you’ll know how challenging and draining this can be especially when you hire new team members. Simplifying growth is more about good and reliable contacts, but not about capital. Trust is the driving force for creating team. To create a good startup, you need to create a team that is able to work with task using collaboration. Trust is a key factor in creating a team and an indispensable factor for cooperation. In general, building trust is a slow process, but it can be accelerated with good communication skills.

Building trust requires personal knowledge and regular personal communication, but also requires empathy, respect and genuine listening. Trust increases communication, and rich and open communication is necessary to create high-performance team. We too often talk about “trust” as if it were a singular thing, it’s not. Trust is a relationship established between a trustor and a trustee.

There are some strategies for building trust:

– Lead by example. Never forget that your team members are always watching and taking cues from you — take the opportunity to show them what trust in others really looks like.

– Communicate openly! Meet regularly, so that all team members have a chance to talk about their progress, and discuss any problems that they’re experiencing. This time which is spent face-to-face is an important part of getting to know each other. It also creates opportunities for team members to talk, and to help each other solve problems.

– Know each other personally. Do this by asking sensitively about coworkers family, or about their hobbies. Start by sharing some personal information about yourself, and then ask someone else about a hobby, or a musical interest.

-Focus on positive features. Make everyone in your group think about the mistake in a constructive way. What can you do to fix what happened, and move forward together? And how can you make sure that this mistake won’t happen again? Trust is an essential element in team productivity. Without it, you’re unlikely get anything done.

Oxytocin it is a hormone which helps us building trust feeling to each other. It “lives” for 5 minutes. It means that it is a lasting process and we should always pay attention. Next example is storks, they fly to south with “key” shape. So their speed increases by 90% compared to the speed of one bird. If the first gets tired, he goes to the end, the other replaces it. So the team quickly reaches the goal. This is a collaboration in nature. By using simple features we can make strong connection between team members and bring family feelings to working process. What can be better than feeling yourself free to express thoughts and ideas and being understood and supported!

Best wishes! Cadabra team!

Thanks for reading us!

Author: Natalie Dziatkovski

Originally written for Cadabra Studio.

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