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Top 7 UI & UX Design Trends in 2020

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Customers want to pay for something qualitative and for something modern. When the business owners decide to invest in the development of their online product, it is sensible to create a product that is state-of-the-art and meets not only the latest technology and style requirements but will also do it for the next decade. 

That is the real reason why designers should clearly understand what the trends are and follow them as much as possible. We have already worked out the forecast on the UX trends for 2019 last year.

You can check it out and witness that there were the actual fresh trends.


Now we are taking a step further and talk not only about UX trends but also the latest UI tendencies. So, here is our vision of the trends worth implementing to your projects in 2020.

Device synchronization

Flash VPN App Project by Cadabra


Syncing files to clouds has become the absolutely basic feature of any smartphone or tablet. The next step to the total synchronization is a connection between the devices.


When coping with daily routines, modern users need dynamic capabilities — home, health, work, shopping, traveling — whatever it is, they need the Internet and some special instruments. Gadgets behaving as a single system give the user much more feeling comfort.


Daily tasks get integrated into the system and align with the users’ lifestyle, and keep them updated through any device. Everyone agrees that solving issues through the smartwatch, for example, is cool, don’t we?

Minimalism & Buttonless

Landing Page Transformer Project by Cadabra


This trend has its roots in the flowery and stuffed with details designs from the mid-2010s. It was trending for a long time, but by 2020, users are already tired of attempts to delight them this way.


The other huge reason for minimalistic designs to rise is information overload. Since the volume of the information to digest every day is constantly growing, users now tend to avoid visual trash — that is why we choose interfaces that don’t require a lot of effort to work with.


Minimalism is inextricably linked with buttonless tendency — fewer buttons mean simpler design, thus, the simplified design has made native gestures more popular. An important issue here is to teach users how to work with the interface or make it intuitively clear. And there is another trend for it.

Communication with users & UX Writing

Custom 404 Page on Cadabra Website


Users’ tiredness of complicated designs has put the communication with the user on a new level — hints, tutorials, onboardings, empty states are now so important as they have never been before. A lot of effort is put into their creation and improving the way they communicate the information to the user.


The phenomenon used to enhance communication with the user is UX Writing. It appeared on the scene in 2017 and since then its popularity continues to grow. It is extremely important to rely on UX Writing principles while creating an intuitive design. Still, make sure that you have clearly explained to the user what to do.

Voice UI & AI technology

Voice UI by Cadabra


Modern design trends are not necessarily about the visuals. Actually, the architecture and logic in one of the huge trends for 2020. As for voice UI, we should admit, the latest technology put voice UI at the center of the stage and made the concept of “UI without UI” possible.


It is an opportunity to create a simple and convenient UI. The issue this trend will face in 2020 is the ways to present the voice UI to the user and clarify how to interact with it.


If it comes to AI, a chatbot is a real trend of 2019. In 2020, it all goes further, and we can expect AI rise in security and privacy policy fields, real-time customer interfaces, as well as in media and entertainment.


AR App Concept by Benjamin Zehrfeldt


AR and VR technologies are quite new and unusual for users and still get a lot of fascination. At the moment, there are no strict guidelines or rules on how to implement these technologies to the product. It has just started as a trend and has a great perspective to stay in for many years. 


Recently AR & VR has been used mainly for entertainment, but there is a huge variety of options on how to use such an interesting technology for the needs of sales and marketing.


For instance, in 2019 VR has made its first steps in assisting shopping. In 2020, we expect it to continue improving shopping technology, as well as advertising, teaching, navigation.

Bright UI

Educational Portal UI by Cadabra


We expect bright colors to be in trend. In recent years users have got enough of pale and dark interfaces — get ready for colorful interfaces and juicy illustrations. Our experts say that vibrant colors and neon will be on the top among 2020 UI trends.


The popularity of bright colors can be explained as a reaction to the wave of pastel colors and soft styles, whereas the neon is developing of the 90s style — the 90s are huge now when it comes to style.

3D animation

Jewellery 3D Website by Cadabra


3D technology has been around for some time, but designers rarely implemented it to the interfaces trying to keep the levels of speed and performance — 3D is quite demanding.


Fortunately, by 2020 browsers capabilities improved a lot, which allows designers to experiment more with 3D graphics. And we are sure, 3D interfaces are a huge trend for the next few years. Along with the illustrations and UI, we expect it to be the blast of colors and shapes.


In Cadabra, we believe that the real winning design in 2020 is the result of a skillful combination of AR/VR, 3D animation, and UI/UX design — the mix of technologies gives rise to a truly innovative design.


Want to add some more trends to this list? Tell us!

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