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IT Consulting Services: Why It Is Necessary To Hire A Consultant

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A helpful piece of advice may change everything drastically, especially if it concerns your business. That is why a consultation of specialists can be an option to move forward.

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Consulting services have become more and more popular since they help businesses achieve their goals. And when companies use digital technologies, they need IT consultants to improve their working processes. Information technology strategy consulting provides businesses with new opportunities. 


What is the role of information technology consulting firms? How can they help you? When does your company need their services? This and other information in our article will reveal some secrets for you.

What Is IT Consulting? 

Information technology consulting is an activity aimed at supporting various working processes in the organization that are implemented with information technology. Simply put, it is a set of specialized consultations in software and computer equipment.


Information technology consulting services allow the business to determine the effectiveness of IT application, get significant advantages for cooperation with customers, and boost sales growth (and profit). 


Thus, IT consulting includes a scope of activities for integrating, optimizing, and supporting management software, modification of IT infrastructure, and data storage protection. IT consulting is closely related to business consulting since business consulting is necessary to determine the company’s strategy, then gather, analyze, and process requirements, and prepare for IT systems integration. 


As a rule, information technology consulting companies are IT companies that are skilled in software development, understand the principles of IT systems functionality, and realize how information technologies must work in a particular business. 


Do you need consulting services right now? Contact Cadabra Studio to get qualified assistance. 

When Does Your Company Need Information Technology Consultants?

You should know the right moment when the assistance of IT consultants will be necessary. There are a few reasons for cooperating with IT consulting companies, and you will find them below. 

  • Company’s growth. When a company plans to take the business to a higher level, it needs software integration recommendations. A widespread problem of any business when the owner doesn’t imagine what steps they need to take and what difficulties they may face when occupying a new niche.


  • Management solution. When a company needs to arrange a management infrastructure, especially for remote work, an IT consultant helps choose up-to-date and optimal software to remotely monitor employees’ performance levels. There are many solutions in the market, but you may need to create a custom one that meets your needs, and the IT company will do it for you. 


  • Intellectual support. IT consulting and services are used by a specific company to support business projects from relevant specialists. IT consultants analyze your business’s real perspectives and opportunities, choose the platform for efficient project handling, and assist in the support process from A to Z. 


  • Information security. Finally, if your information environment needs protection, IT consultants will choose security solutions, protect your IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks and malware.


  • Advice on best practice technologies. If you already know what technology solutions your company needs, you may still need IT consultants’ assistance, which will guide you through this thorny path. They will explain to you what technology can be applied correctly in your organization.  

What Do IT Consultants Do? 

IT consulting companies’ scope of tasks is relatively broad, and it can be different in various companies. However, some responsibilities remain the same, and they are mandatory in each information technology consulting company. 


When you plan to contact an IT consulting company, you need to describe the pain points you want to resolve. You should explain in detail what exactly your company requires and what goals you strive to achieve. 

  • Requirements analysis. This is the first step Cadabra Studio takes. We need to gather all information about your company’s activities, its role and process the requirements for further assistance. 


  • Plan development. IT consultants draw up a plan of action, where they include timeframes, required resources, and steps that must be taken.


  • Identification of business direction. Consulting companies need to understand the nature of your business and determine the direction your business plans to move. 


  • IT system monitoring. Specialists monitor computer networks and systems to test their performance, identify vulnerabilities, and choose the appropriate solutions.


  • Collaboration with the IT department. Most companies have IT departments that are responsible for the flawless functionality of internal systems. IT consultants will communicate tightly with your IT specialists for fruitful cooperation.


  • Detection of potential issues. Consultants create documentation where they describe all the potential problems your company needs to consider and how they can be fixed. 

Benefits Of IT Consulting

You know when you need to contact an IT consulting company and what they can do, but why do you need it? The advantages of IT consulting are evident, and you should know them to make the right decision if you still hesitate. 

  • Cost reduction. If you hire an offshore IT consulting company, you don’t need to pay taxes, and you pay less than if you hire a local company. Outsourcing of IT-related tasks will be more profitable for your company. Besides, you can by an hour or on a project basis, so the model is very flexible. You can find out more outsourcing benefits in our article concerning offshore software development services.


  • Availability. Even though IT consultants are located in another region, they are always available, and you will be supported by specialists 24 hours, seven days per week. And IT company monitors your internal systems permanently so that all problems can be prevented.


  • Big Data management. What is IT consulting like? It helps your business optimize many processes, switch to more effective solutions, boost productivity, etc. But it often requires the usage of Big Data in your business. An IT consulting company will help you integrate Big Data algorithms and manage them efficiently.


  • Increased security. One of the IT consultants’ primary responsibilities is to make your IT systems secure and protect them from cyber threats. Besides, consultants will explain to you how to keep up with a high-security level and train your staff to monitor it.


  • Experience. Finally, an IT consulting firm means that you hire a company of specialists, not one consultant. And the experience of consulting companies will contribute to your business’s growth, and consultants will do their best to let your company beat the competition and adhere to the latest tech trends. 


Do you need the assistance of software development consultants? Cadabra Studio is the right choice — contact us!

Top Information Technology Consulting Firms In The USA

The USA is a large region where you can find specialists of different levels and occupations. And IT consulting is the sector that will provide you with reputable companies in the USA you can entrust your business issues to. Let’s take a look at a few examples.


TechMD is an IT company located in Santa Ana, California. The company specializes in software development, cybersecurity solutions, cloud solutions, and IT consulting. It was founded in 2003, and the company always strives to provide high-quality services and bring enterprise-level productivity. 

Cadabra Studio

Cadabra Studio has offices in San Francisco, CA, and a headquarter in Ukraine. Our company exists for six years, and we are engaged in software development in completely different niches. Cadabra Studio offers full-cycle development, IT services consulting, UI/UX design, and other related services. 


Our motto is “We design complex things to be simple,” and that is what we do. Also, we are experts in the healthcare and insurance sectors, so if you need healthcare IT consulting services or insurance software development — you know who you can cooperate with. You can check our portfolio and read reviews of our clients on Clutch.co

Red Key Solutions

Red Key Solutions is a NY-based company that focuses on IT consulting, and it builds strategies for companies to promote their brand and let them grow. The IT company has assessment programs and a package of technology services to give businesses a second wind. 

Framework IT

Chicago-based Framework IT company is created to deliver reliable IT outcomes to their clients. They offer scalable and agile solutions, combine data-driven technologies, provide security defense and other IT consulting services. Their main goal is to improve customer experience and increase loyalty with the help of dependable services. 


CyberDuo, a company from Los Angeles, provides a comprehensive suite of IT and cybersecurity services. Data protection and protection from cyber threats became the primary focus of Cyber Duo that has existed since 2008. The company strives to make the IT consulting sector as efficient and straightforward as possible. 

Tips For Hiring IT Consulting Services Company 

How to hire the right consulting company? We recommend you follow the four tips that will help you choose an IT consultation for your business.

Determine Your Needs

For a start, you need to define what your business needs. You should create a list of problems to solve, goals to achieve, and other business particularities. You must explain your pain points to the IT consulting company as clearly as possible. It will help consultants build the right strategy and start doing their job faster. 


Moreover, it is crucial to pay attention to the sector of IT consulting and the expertise of consultants. For example, if you work in the insurance or healthcare sector, you need to find an IT consulting company with expertise in relevant industries and niches. 

Estimate Your Budget 

The second step is to understand how much money you are ready to invest in business improvement. Thus, IT consultants will have a more comprehensive picture of your expectations and opportunities. If the rate of one consulting company is too high, you can look for another company. However, if it is difficult for you to estimate the budget for consulting services, Cadabra Studio will help you do it. You just need to share your needs. 

Test Soft Skills 

Although it may be challenging to test hard skills if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can always test the soft skills of consultants you plan to hire. And it is an even more essential skill to test. You should communicate with the company representatives, analyze how they interact with you, how they can perceive the information, whether they are willing to help you, etc. 


If the IT consulting company’s rate is affordable, but you have communication issues with them, you’d better spend more time finding the appropriate company you will communicate with easily. 

Hire Offshore Team

As we described above, hiring an offshore team from another region will be a more reasonable practice. Especially considering the current pandemic situation, it is much safer to cooperate remotely. That is why you need to choose a company like Cadabra Studio that offers affordable rates and a range of reliable services — see more below.  


How much money do you need to start your business optimization? Get a consultation from Cadabra Studio — drop us a line!

Why Should You Choose Cadabra Studio As An Information Technology Consulting Firm?

Cadabra Studio values its reputation, and we don’t try to get ahead of ourselves, but we do our work responsibly. How do we start the consulting process? That is what we want to share with you.  


Everything starts with data collection. We need basic information about your company, a list of tasks to implement, your plans and expectations. Then we proceed to requirements analysis. It is required to hold a meeting and discuss the future cooperating in detail — it is essential to ensure that nothing is missed, all tasks are understood correctly. 


We create documentation where all information will be stated. Documentation can be divided into architectural (project-oriented documentation where methodologies and tools may be described), technical (everything concerning the development process, if we create custom software for you), custom (documents with explanations on how to use the system). 


And, of course, a vast amount of time is dedicated to research. We need to conduct a competitive analysis to identify how your competitors work, what strong and weak sides they have, how we can help you gain the lead. Well-thought-out research is half the battle. And it plays a significant role in our work. 


Thus, if you choose Cadabra Studio, you get a broad specialization, when professionals in different fields can help you consolidate your business using teamwork skills. You have continuous support since our IT company will maintain your IT infrastructure (of course, if you consider it necessary). That is why our company is a good choice.


What are IT consulting services? These services will become necessary if you want to start using new technologies or turn to an ultimate digital transformation. Your task is to hire a dependable company that will implement everything according to your requirements. 


We think that it is enough said. If you still have some questions or don’t know what to start with, our business development managers will provide you with the necessary consultation. Contact us whenever you need. 

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