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Case Study: How Cadabra Studio Created OnMission Tool For Business Trip Planning

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How much time and effort do you need to plan your trip? We bet it takes a lot. Moreover, if it is a business trip that requires you to consider every detail. Our new client faced this problem multiple times, so they asked us to create a trip planner tool with many helpful features.

In this article:


We want to share this project with you and show why this trip planner is different from existing ones and how it can be used. Besides, you will get acquainted with the development process step by step.

More About Project

The OnMission app allows users to plan their business trip, including all details and nuances. It is possible to reserve accommodation and transportation and control all expenditures with the help of this tool.

Why did our client come up with this idea? Perhaps, you know that it can be complicated to plan the trip budget for each employee. Moreover, if your staff includes more than thirty employees, this task becomes really challenging. That is why we created a new platform that helps our client plan trips of his employees, get reports about spent money on these trips, and successfully manage employees’ time.


Our goal was to build the tool that enables quick and efficient planning of business trips and reduces paperwork, making the process more automated.

Do you need to optimize your working process or automate them? The software may be a solution. Contact Cadabra Studio to build your new project. 

A Problem To Solve

Yes, a trip planner is not a newcomer in the software market. You can find many existing solutions in app stores, and they will help you plan a vacation. However, business trips require not only thorough planning, but you will also need to take into account all expenditures. Today companies predominantly use Google spreadsheets or MS Excel to add all trip expenditures manually. Therefore, we strove to change the situation and make an app with all the necessary features for convenient business trip planning.

Challenges We Faced 

So, our specialists analyzed existing apps to single out their pros and cons. The client wanted us to build a tool that optimizes budget and time planning processes and provides employees with up-to-date information while managers can review reports and expenditures. None of the apps in the market could provide us with all relevant features. 

Thus, the first challenge was to enable trip planning considering transfers and flights. Then, it was necessary to search and book air tickets and accommodation quickly. Besides, we needed to add a feature for storing and aggregating all crucial documents (like tickets, booking confirmations, etc.) in one place.


Apart from this, quick expenditures adding, scheduling meetings in the calendar with map marks, notes and comments, report generating features were quite significant. Finally, we didn’t forget about the primary user-friendly particularity — make an app available both for mobile and desktop. Employees use mobile versions when they are away, while managers prefer dealing with a desktop version since they need to work with a broader range of tasks.


The goal was to add all these features to the OnMission tool. And we successfully did. Keep on reading to know more about the scope of work. 

Audience Definition 

The OnMission project is suitable for all office employees, sales representatives, and all other specialists who need to go on business trips. Thus, all people aged 18+ can use the OnMission app, regardless of position and gender. The client uses the app for internal purposes, but he is going to commercialize it soon.

How The Project Has Started And What We Did

We built a team for the OnMission project that included one front-end developer, one backend developer, and two mobile app developers (Android and iOS). And, of course, the design team was the first who joined the game. The project development took two months. We created a landing page that describes the primary characteristics of the OnMission app and lets you sign up for updates once the app will become available for the public.


So what does our project do? What features does it have? Let’s take a look. 

  • OnMission offers two modifications: 1) user and admin (i.e., manager) have equal access to all features, all app users can plan their trips and book accommodation/tickets; 2) the roles of admin and users are divided, and admin can plan future trips and review current/previous trips, while the user can plan meetings and store all necessary documents for a business trip.


  • The app uses a dynamic timeline. It simplifies the review process of planned events like flights or meetings. Each event has an accurate description, including date, time, and route, so admins and users can quickly check everything on demand.


  • Smart notifications and a to-do list. The system notifies all participants about upcoming events a few days (its number can be adjusted according to your needs) before it starts. For example, if you plan a business trip to another region, but you still have no ticket, the system will automatically remind you of it. Also, there is a to-do list linked to the calendar for more comfortable planning.


  • Filling out of expenditures. The OnMission tool provides two options for convenient expenditures filling out — automated and manual. Thus, automated filling out means that all information for the report is generated automatically once the employee pays with his banking card. The payment information is sent to the report. The manual option means that the user inputs all data like category, amount, and a check’s photo (if necessary) manually.


  • The booking feature is available on the desktop version only. We decided to do it to simplify the functionality of a mobile app. The mobile app serves as an aggregator of documents, event and budget planner, and it enables communication between employees and managers (via integrated chat).


As for the tech stack, our development team used React for frontend (as an easy-to-use and highly functional JavaScript library), Python for backend (a high-level and productive programming language that fits perfectly with projects that include accounting and planning features), Swift and Kotlin (for native iOS and Android app development accordingly). Also, we used Stripe for a payment gateway integration, Flurry Analytics for statistics gathering, and Google Firebase for push notifications.


What tech stack does your project require? It depends on multiple factors. If you want to know more details, contact Cadabra Studio specialists for a consultation. 

Design Process

We haven’t forgotten about the design team that worked hard to create eye-catching UI and intuitive UX. Our designers used Figma, Sketch, and InVision tools for the creation of wireframes and clickable prototypes.

It was essential to keep the balance between color styles, so designers chose light and calm colors with bright accents. And they created a set of illustrations with simple rounded shapes. You can check our Behance page to see a short presentation. 


Then, our motion designer built a custom animated illustration for a web design. See it below. And also, visit our Dribbble page to find more exciting illustrations and concepts. 

Designers at Cadabra Studio did their best and created a thought-out and clear UX design that doesn’t irritate the eye and makes the navigation process as easy as it can be. Check the image of the OnMission app’s dashboard.

To Be Continued

The client was delighted with our job, and he told us that the OnMission app allows him and his employees to plan their trips more efficiently and faster. Also, he noted that he has some ideas on future updates, and our cooperation will go on. Besides, if the project becomes available for the public, we are sure that it will give a second wind to our client’s business.   


Do you have any questions about the project? Or do you want to build an app for the optimization of your working processes? Contact us, and specialists at Cadabra Studio will find the best-fitting solution for you.

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