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Ask Me: What Makes the Designer a Good Designer

We want to begin with our favourite quote “I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.” (Lindon Leader).

Who is a designer? There are different thoughts about it. But you will agree, that designer should combine such qualities, like understanding, professionality and good fantasy in a mix with a sophisticated taste. But remember, designer isn’t an artist.

Let’s find out, what our designers think about it. Here are some tips and opinions about what makes the designer a good designer.

“I believe that one can succeed if only he is not fixated on money, but on pleasure and interest. One of my favourite quotes, that had my heart set on it, reflects my relation to designers : “If you want to know how one is an expert, ask him about his leisure time. If his hobby is closely connected to his job, be sure, he will succeed.” I can say for sure, he’ll have great professional skills in future.” — Anastasia


“One of the keys to become a good designer is a control of time and realise of possibilities. Good designer is that one, who understands customer’s wish. And not just understands, but also recommends new ways of solution the problem. Good designer has a close friendship with UX and understands how it works. Good designer analyses the app.”— Kate

“First of all, be beyond the scope of your comfort zone, try to find substandard solutions in your difficult tasks. Catch customer’s eye with your unique design. Don’t beat around the bush, act! Never stop improving your skills. If you want to be a professional, never lose the love for your job and always be interested in something new.” — Oksana

“I think designer should be creative and punctual. Creativity has to be stated in uniqueness. Ideas mustn’t be stolen from other resources. The idea should be “fresh”. Punctuality has to be stated in excellent maquettes. The layers must be in order. There is no place for confusion. Make a good product, and it will be no need in another expert.” — Inna

“I think one should realise what he wants from design. I am sure every person has his own destination. If you want to be a designer, try to achieve it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Always improve your skills and take pains in what you do.” — Eugene

“You must upgrade every day. Each day you need to learn something new. You need to put difficult tasks, something you’ve never done before. Try to use new programs and tools. It is also important to travel, because when you move to another country, you experience. You see different lifestyle. It gives you inspiration.” — Kseniya

“Good designer is that one, who asks questions to consider all possible cases on his project. That one, who can find solutions to ensure that the project has been properly implemented. All in all, the customer should be satisfied with the final result, even if he had another idea.” — Olya

“I guess, perseverance makes you a good designer. One of the famous phrases became my motto: “One can’t say that he is not able to do something, if he doesn’t spend 10 thousand hours on it.” So don’t be scared to try. Work hard and you will see the result.”— Lida

“ The work of designer is not only knowing what designers’ tools are, but also understanding how they work. You need to know how to design and for what you design. Find your niche. Market dictates the criteria of a good designer. Go for an interview and don’t be afraid of denial. Also share your knowledge with other designers. Perform with your reports. It will be useful not only for spectators, but also for you. Try to find your perfect team, because comfort is one of the keys to successful projects.” — Mary

“I think a good designer need to be practical and obligated. It’s all about inner feelings. It’s important for designer to follow the tendencies, guides and standards. But in the same time do not go with the flow. Try to make something, that will be approachable for wide audience.” — Slava

Thank you for reading us:)

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